‘I try not to be distracted’: Gan Ching Hwee focused on swimming her best at Olympics despite selection saga

Quah led Singapore to a traditional Olympic qualifying area earlier this year along with Levenia Sim, Letitia Sim, and girl Quah Jing Wen. &nbsp,

The trio did this by swimming to a 9th-place end at the Doha World Championships in February. &nbsp,

But, to give a circuit staff to Paris, the group had to join the World Aquatics requirement of having a maximum of two relay-only athletes. &nbsp,

At the time, of the four swimmers, only Letitia had met the&nbsp, Olympic Qualifying Time ( OQT), or” A” cut, &nbsp, 100m breaststroke, giving her a direct path to Paris.

With three relay-only athletes remaining, the Quah aunts and Levenia were left with one more than the allowed number.

Therefore, World Aquatics had offered Singapore an “exceptional schedule” for an additional relay-only slot. &nbsp,

However, World Aquatics later offered Gan an invitation to participate in the women’s 1, 500m freestyle based on her Olympic Consideration Time ( OCT)– or” B” cut – of 16: 10.61 clocked in June. &nbsp,

On the other hand, an OCT is a snorkeling governing body’s set time that is somewhat slower than the OQT. Athletes who achieve the OCT may still be considered for Olympic collection, but it is not guaranteed.

This meant that the pleasure of the more relay-only gambling was no longer in force when Gan accepted the invitation, said SAQ in a statement.

A second relay-only slot was eliminated because Singapore then had two players with qualification schedules who had already qualified for the Olympics. &nbsp,

SAQ claimed that it had chosen to take Gan to the Olympics based on a set of standards that had been in place since June 2023. &nbsp,

The selection of individual athletes for the Paris Games is based on SA Q’s criteria, which are then based on swimmers who made the OQT ( Letitia ), and then on those who received invitations from World Aquatics ( Gan ). &nbsp,

For switch athletes, the initial conditions would be to fulfill the qualification signs. &nbsp,

Hence, through this standards, Gan was chosen instead of the elder Quah. &nbsp,

Quah therefore lodged an elegance with SAQ, but it was rejected. &nbsp,

SAQ then filed an appeal with World Aquatics asking for the additional relay-only gambling to be reinstated so that both Gan and Quah could compete in Paris. It was informed on Monday that the appeal was ineffective. &nbsp,