Authorities unaware of ‘specific nature’ of Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s medical condition

Prior to his Facebook post on Saturday ( July 6), Reform Party leader Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who is being investigated by the police and the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act ( POFMA ) Office, did not provide any information about his medical condition.

The officers and POFMA Office simultaneously stated on Wednesday that they do not, but are aware of the specific nature of the health situation. &nbsp,

” Mr Jeyaretnam did not provide any details to agencies about his condition, prior to what he has publicly stated in his Facebook post” .&nbsp, &nbsp,

In his Instagram post on Jul 6, &nbsp, Mr Jeyaretnam&nbsp, said he was in the UK and that he was “in plain look and not in hiding”. &nbsp, He added that he was” seriously ill” with several medical conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis ( DVT ) and bilateral pulmonary embolism.

DVT is a blood clot in a vein, usually in the knee, and problems can be critical, while diplomatic pulmonary edema is a blood clot that prevents &nbsp, the flow of blood to the breathing. &nbsp,

Mr Jeyaretnam added he had instantly contracted pneumonia&nbsp, and while that situation had been cleared, he is” now able to travel longer haul”.

Mr. Jeyaretnam received his eighth POFMA order on July 4 after making the claim that, among other falsehoods, the government sets artificially high land prices for the Housing and Development Board ( HDB) in a Facebook post from that day. &nbsp,

The police and POFMA Office are looking into Mr. Jeyaretnam, according to the Ministry of Finance ( MOF), this is the first time such a probe has been made public.

MOF added that organizations have been in contact with Mr. Jeyaretnam since April and that he has been asked to assist with examinations.

Additionally, the government noted that Mr. Jeyaretnam is now residing outside of Singapore and that he has” hardly made himself available to aid in studies by attending any conversations.”

At no point did I get any conversation obliging me to go or ordering me to go, according to Mr. Jeyaretnam. As reported, these are requests only at this level and as no reported, I assisted to the best of my ability given the physical constraints”.

Along with his Instagram post, he also shared two email pictures. Without going into more details, neither pictures indicated that he was “undergoing clinical care and treatment in London” and that he was “unable to soar.”

Mr Jeyaretnam added he had&nbsp, made himself “available by contact” and had&nbsp,” communicated with the authorities and RSVP’d within the day body given”.