Hearing set for later this month in Najib’s bid to serve prison sentence under house arrest

Hearing set for later this month in Najib’s bid to serve prison sentence under house arrest

The former prime minister’s request to have his case heard on April 17th, the Malaysian High Court has set up to hear his request for the government to create an clause order from the former king, which apparently allows him to serve the remainder of his sentence while he is on house arrest.

On Thursday ( Apr 4), Free Malaysia Today ( FMT ) reported that Shafee Abdullah, Najib’s attorney, had informed Justice Amarjeet Singh that his client wanted to obtain an additional affidavit, a written statement that had been confirmed by oath, to back up his application.

Mr Shafee, however, did not disclose the identity of this” important” witness.

The attorney added that Hari Raya Puasa, the person’s lawyer, is currently not in the region and will only come back after that, according to FMT. Apr 10 is the day of the festival.

Najib claimed that the then-king Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah of Pahang had issued the order for him to remain under house arrest during a Jan. 29 Pardons Board meet. The meeting took place one moment before Sultan Abdullah’s era ended as queen of Malaysia.

The Pardons Board made the official announcement on February 2 that Najib’s prison sentence for bribery would be reduced from 12 to six years. The board also reduced his RM210 million ( US$ 44.5 million ) fine to RM50 million. CNA was the first to break the news on Jan 31 on Najib’s limited royal pardon, citing resources including senior government officials.

Najib claimed in his application from April 1 that Sultan Abdullah had received confirmation on February 12 regarding the release of the memorandum purchase. Instead of serving the majority of his lowered sentence at Kajang Prison, according to Malay Mail.

Najib has been in prison since August 23, 2022, after the Federal Court upheld his judgment for money laundering, energy abuse, and criminal breach of trust due to the misuse of SRC International resources. SRC International was formerly a division of 1Malaysia Development Berhad ( 1MDB).