Health ministry considers lowering possession limit

Health ministry considers lowering possession limit

Health ministry considers lowering possession limit
Public Health Minister Somsak Thepsutin

A meeting on Thursday will consider lowering the maximum number of amphetamine pills a person can have in their possession before it is considered a criminal act, according toPublic Health Minister Somsak Thepsutinon Monday.

At present, a person found with up to five methamphetamine pills wo n’t face criminal charges– instead, they are considered drug users who must be offered the option of rehabilitation.

The five-pilluent cap, which Cholnan Srikaew, the then-Public Health Minister, signed on February 9th, has sparked widespread concern about rising medication use.

The May 16 conference will determine the new control, which will be open for public suggestions for 15 times before it is approved by the cabinet, according to Mr. Somsak, who was recently appointed public health minister.

He emphasized the value of concentrating on eradicating drug trafficking, noting that the seizure of drug-related assets may aid in the nation’s drug issues.

He argued that the court does decide whether a person who was found with narcotics does seek legal treatment or go on trial.

He argued that even those who have been found using only one capsule face asset seizures and arrest.

However, authorities on Monday&nbsp, seized 400, 000 meth pills for 12 million ringgit and arrested a 34- year- older man as he was collecting the drugs in Songkhla’s Helmet Yai district.

A tip-off about an approaching package of illegal drugs via mail services led to the arrest.

After a fight with a group of pharmaceutical criminals in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai area near the Myanmar border, Ha Muang Task Force soldiers seized 480 000 meth tablets on Sunday.

When the troops stopped them for a research while the party, which included five to seven people, was on foot, they were going to be searched. The group opened flames on the men, but they were defeated.

A five- second fight ensued before the army managed to clear the area and found four packs, each with 120, 000 rate supplements.