Gradually, then suddenly – Asia Times

Gradually, then suddenly - Asia Times

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Slowly, then suddenly

According to David P. Goldman, Ukraine continues to be at the center of global geopolitical risk as US and US allies lose strategic positions. Civilizations fail like Hemingway’s personality in The Sun Also Rises: steadily, then immediately.

Russians improve their standing on the front lines in Ukraine

James Davis points out that the limited range of Russian causes ‘ operations in Kharkov suggests that they are diversionary operations, with the primary offensive good aimed at preventing Ukraine from leaving the Black Sea.

Undoubtedly, Europe will impose levies on China.

Diego Faßnacht writes that Europe is showing little sign of escalating the trade war with China by considerably escalating tariffs on Vehicles, electronics, and solar cell. Germany, facing financial hardships, strongly opposes business barriers against China.

Japan- China- South Korea resume FTA conversations

In contrast to Janet Yellen’s call for opposition to China’s discounted overcapacity, Scott Foster examines how the first China-Japan-South Korea conference since 2019 highlighted a commitment to completely business.