Govt gets “satisfactory” grade

Govt gets "satisfactory" grade

Govt gets 'satisfactory' grade
Cabinet officials pose for photos at Government House on May 7. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

According to spokesman Chai Wacharonke, according to a recent National Statistical Office ( NSO ) study, about 44 % of respondents were satisfied with the government’s performance during its first six months in office.

From April 22 to Perhaps 15, the NSO conducted the survey on 6, 970 people across the nation who were 16 or older.

Mr Chai said NSO director Piyanuch Wuttisorn recently unveiled the results, with about 44.3 % of respondents highly satisfied with the government’s performance, 39.6 % moderately satisfied and 14.1 % slightly satisfied.

He said that regarding government information awareness, 83.9 % of respondents said they follow the government’s information via television ( 69.6 % ) and Facebook ( 46.2 % ).

Regarding government projects, 68.4 % were highly satisfied with the 30- baht universal healthcare, followed by debt suspension for farmers ( 38.9 % ) and tourism income measures ( 33.1 % ), among others, he said.

As for their confidence in the government to resolve national issues, 41.9 % were very confident, while 39.6 % were moderately confident, he said.

Regarding urgent matters the government should tackle, 75.3 % said the government should prioritise controlling consumer goods prices, while 46.6 % demanded energy cost reductions, he said.

Mr. Chai stated that as soon as the government uses common suggestions, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin would express his gratitude to the people for their comments.

The prime minister also expressed his gratitude to the government for their faith in the government’s support, and he emphasized his commitment to continue to work to improve people’s living conditions.

The government does examine its working instructions to meet the public’s requirements and coincide with existing circumstances, he added.