Govt eyes tier upgrade in watchlist

Govt eyes tier upgrade in watchlist

Govt eyes tier upgrade in watchlist

According to Social Development and Human Security Minister Varawut Silpa- archa, Thailand is aiming to become a Tier 1 nation on the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons blacklist. This is because it is crucial to stop the spread of false job ads as well as online smuggling operations.

Mr. Varawut stated yesterday that human trafficking is a major international crime that violates animal rights in honor of National Anti-Human Trafficking Day.

” We need to take strategic steps to combat human trafficking. Nevertheless, we have to develop alongside technologies to catch up with the digital scams and digital smuggling that are increasing”, he said.

He said the government is implementing anti- smuggling operations in an integrated and relationship way with participants from all industries, following the 3P ( trial, protection and security ) model.

Thailand is presently in Tier 2 position, per the Trafficking Victims Protection Act normal.

” We are aiming at achieving Tier 1″, Mr Varawut said.

He argued that in order to accomplish that goal, law enforcement must collaborate with them to pursue individual trafficking rings both domestically and internationally, among other things.

He added that other objectives include enhancing the capabilities of essential officials, developing guidelines to stop people abuse, and providing protection and support to all Thai laborers.

Authorities must maintain the security of victims by upholding a victim-centric rule and providing trauma-sensitive care and treatments, especially for young people, in line with the law.

Mr. Varawut stated that his government is also attempting to improve the requirements of contemporary society by introducing constitutional amendments, such as the Child Protection Act 2003.

” The path is huge, and the walk is steep, but if we work together, nothing is beyond our grasp”, said Mr Varawut.