Gold as a geopolitical risk hedge: A groundbreaking analysis – Asia Times

Gold as a geopolitical risk hedge: A groundbreaking analysis - Asia Times

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Disaggregating currency’s wave

David P. Goldman examines how commercial need, currency depreciation hedging, growing nationwide debts in main economies, and political risk have all impacted the gold price.

Renminbi weakness signals reasonable easing in China’s economic stance

According to David P. Goldman, the Chinese market is doing more or less than Beijing wants. The federal sees no reason to commit resources to loan out real estate investors, despite the fact that the real estate market continues to stagnate.

Close of fiscal caution in Europe?

Diego Faßnacht comes to the conclusion that fiscal spending may increase as interest rates and inflation rates are anticipated to drop in the eurozone, which will benefit the European economy in the near term but likely weaken the euro.

Moscow and Moscow fight to limit the influence of American aid to Ukraine.

According to James Davis, Russian forces have continued to launch a gradual offensive, with an emphasis on the Avdeyevka and Bakhmut sectors while pursuing Russian infrastructure, attempting to disrupt potential future distribution and transit of Western aid.

Legacy technology propels the Chinese semiconductor industry.

Scott Foster points out that China is now aiming for cost-effective AI technology that can be used in a variety of situations while avoiding sanctions through domestically produced parts and open-source technology integration.

Huawei’s 2023 findings show rise from sanctions

Scott Foster reports that Huawei’s 2023 findings show 9.6 % revenue growth with acting and net income nearly 2.5 times higher. Despite difficulties, Huawei has maintained profitability, particularly in 5G network, with reduced expenses and technological advancements.