From police briefings to CCTV installations, Malaysian football clubs step up security amid assaults on players

From police briefings to CCTV installations, Malaysian football clubs step up security amid assaults on players


The Malaysian Football League ( MFL ) made the decision to end the game on Friday, prompting Selangor FC to withdraw from the Charity Shield competition. Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, the king of Selangor, expressed his disappointment that the MFL had turned down the match’s ask. &nbsp,

The club has unreluctably chosen not to play in the game following extensive discussion and thorough analysis, as well as a number of legal incidents and current threats to many players and team officials.

They stated in a speech on May 8 that they “deeply regret” the situation, adding that” we would like to emphasize that the safety of the group is of the greatest value.”

The Selangor Royal Office’s sponsor on Thursday stated in a speech on Facebook that “it is ideal for Selangor FC to not play in the upcoming game, which is the first game of the 2024 Super League,” in light of recent incidents that have put lives of players and officials in jeopardy.

His Royal Highness thinks that winning the Cup should be prioritized over the health and lives of the people at this time. ” &nbsp,

Mr. Edwards, the CEO of JDT, responded that his group was upset that Selangor FC had chosen to leave the game despite receiving security assurances from the police.

In a Twitter article on May 9, he wrote,” We strongly condemn the affair involving Felipe Halim and the alleged risks that some Selangor FC players have received, but we hope Selangor FC is rethink their decision to withdraw from the game because it could set a precedent for teams to withdraw because they feel uncomfortable, and that too despite assurances from the Royal Malaysian Police,” he said.

He claimed that despite having formerly been attacked in angry settings in Pahang, Perak, and Kelantan, JDT continued to travel and played those games under increased police presence. &nbsp,

The Sultan Ibrahim Stadium has never been attacked, according to Selangor. In previous games, their staff and fans were escorted by authorities into the facility and to their cars.

We must place our faith in government to evaluate the current incidents involving Akhyar Rashid, Faisal Halim, and Safiq Rahim, he said, and to ensure the working of the 2024-25 football season. &nbsp,

The” show must go on,” Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, who also owns JDT, stated in an Instagram post on May 9 that the” show must go on.”

” In life, the show must go on. #thegameisrigged# whatcanyoudo”, he said in the caption of a reel.

The MFL later announced that the game had been postponed due to Selangor FC’s decision to not play it, with JDT receiving a 3- 0 walkover victory. &nbsp,

As a result, the Southern Tigers gained three points from the walkover. &nbsp,