Flooding and landslides kill three in Vietnam’s north

Flooding and landslides kill three in Vietnam's north

After days of heavy rainfall that partly submerged thousands of homes, flooding and landslides in northern Vietnam have claimed three lives.

In images from state media, motorcycle tours are popular in the rocky Ha Giang province, where vehicles are parked in the floodwaters and veered off the rough roads.

People of Ha Giang City waited for rescuers on houses.

Since Saturday, the territory has been experiencing heavy rain. According to state media, thousands of homes have been partly submerged and many bridges have been harmed.

According to a statement posted on the statewide government’s site, “floods and landslides” had been caused by the Lo river’s high water.

According to landslides, exposure to three cooperatives on the Chinese border had been halted, according to the statement.