Ex-national athlete charged with drink driving to plead guilty

Ex-national athlete charged with drink driving to plead guilty

A basketball player was accused of driving while under the influence and driving without proper care and attention on Thursday ( April 4). &nbsp,

Toh Qing Huang, 29, who represented Singapore in the game at the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia, &nbsp, was &nbsp, said to have committed a drink driving crime next month. &nbsp,

On November 30, 2023, he allegedly drove a car along Paterson Road toward Scotts Road at around 4.37 am and had no less than 69 microgrammes of liquor in 100ml of breathing. &nbsp,

The alcohol content in 100ml of breathe exceeded the legal limit of 35 microgrammes. &nbsp,

Toh reportedly failed to possess proper control of his car at the same time and at the same location and time, which collided with a lateral sign and mounted the center divider.

Toh is scheduled to enter a guilty plea on May 30. &nbsp,

According to Sport Singapore’s site, Toh even participated in the 2015 and 2019 SEA Games. He was also on the 2015- 16 lineup of the Singapore Slingers, the country’s even professional sports team. &nbsp,

While Toh used to play in the national 5×5, he did not currently have any agreements with the Basketball Association of Singapore ( BAS ), CEO Leon Neo told CNA.

“BAS takes a critical view of wrongdoing by all of our national sports who have signed an athlete deal with us. BAS did not dare to impose sanctions against those who violate the code of conduct and skill.

If convicted of driving without due care and attention, where the accused is a serious offender, he can be jailed for up to a year, or fined between S$ 2, 000 ( US$ 1, 483 ) to S$ 10, 000, or both, in addition to other penalties. &nbsp,

If convicted of drink driving for a first time, he may become jailed up to a month, or fined between S$ 2, 000 and$ 10, 000, or both. &nbsp,

Additionally, he might be prohibited from driving for at least two centuries. &nbsp,