Every HDB flat will be a valuable nest egg for retirement, says PM Lee

Every HDB flat will be a valuable nest egg for retirement, says PM Lee

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday (Mar 26) said it was the ruling People’s Action Party government’s promise that all Housing Board (HDB) flats would be good homes as well as valuable nest eggs for retirement. 

“We strive very hard to make all our new towns, all our HDB towns highly liveable,” he said.

“For one reason or other, there will be some which will still be more popular than others. I think that is just the way things are, it cannot be helped. But whether the town is very popular or very, very popular, every town and HDB, every estate you live in, you can be assured that it is well-planned, well-appointed, well-maintained.”

“And it will be a good place to live in, and your property values will reflect that,” Mr Lee added.

He was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new integrated development at Chong Pang estate, first announced in 2020 and slated for completion in 2027.

The new Chong Pang City is an example of what’s being done all over Singapore, said Mr Lee.

“We are building HDB estates, but not just houses, but also up-to-date amenities to meet the modern living needs of residents,” he said.

“We are progressively redeveloping the older precincts to refresh the living environment with new homes and new amenities and infrastructure.”

“And we want every one of our HDB towns, new or old, to be of high quality.”