Escapee Chaowalit faces time in solitary after quarantine

Escapee Chaowalit faces time in solitary after quarantine

Escapee Chaowalit faces time in solitary after quarantine
Last month, Chaowalit” Paeng Nanod” Thongduang is escorted by officers from Don Mueang aircraft to Bang Kwang Central Prison. ( Police photo )

High-profile prison escapee Chaowalit Thongduang, also known as” Paeng Nanod,” who was detained in Bali two weeks ago is currently undergoing a ten-day Covid-19 quarantine at Bang Kwang Central Prison.

According to the Department of Corrections, he may get transferred to single confinement&nbsp, after his quarantine period begins.

The facility’s director, Yuthana Nakruangsri, said on Monday&nbsp, that the single strip, located in the next aircraft, is for the most dangerous prisoners.

Chaowalit may be required to spend the entire day in his body, which has a ventilation fan and a bathroom, and be prohibited from socializing with other prisoners.

According to Mr. Yuthana, he will also be able to watch jury proceedings via a movie link.

According to Mr Yuthana, the prison will arrange for officials to constantly evaluate Chaowalit’s emotional status and his individual freedom would been respected, but he would get no special care.

The wardens assigned to Chaowalit’s supervision may perform their duties in pairs, according to Mr. Yuthana, reducing the probability of the prisoner manipulating him and causing him to flee once more.

He added that the troops would be regularly rotated to stop them from developing any kind of kinship with Chaowalit.

The soldiers were instructed to do everything in their power to stay alert throughout the swings while upholding the laws that would stop a Chaowalit’s notorious criminal from abusing their position.

Chaowalit, 37, was serving day at Nakhon Si Thammarat Prison for attempted crime and was facing charges in other cases, including murder, attempted murder, and firearms hands, when he escaped from prison while receiving medical treatment at a hospital on Oct 22 next year.

Despite a massive manhunt, Chaowalit managed to escape Thailand in a speedboat, reportedly from Satun.

He claimed that the justice system treated him unfairly while he was on the run, and he released several video clips while he was on the run.

In absentia, Chaowalit received a sentence of life in prison for attempted murder on December 25. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Earlier this month, he was arrested in Bali by Indonesian police for drug dealing, using a fake Indonesian ID card, and assaulting women.

Chaowalit was deported to Thailand on June 5 and is currently going through a 10-day Covid- 19 quarantine period.

Mr. Yuthana stated that the prison has now compiled a list of ten registered visitors who had the opportunity to meet Chaowalit at the prison and will get in touch with them for more information.