ERP 2.0 unit to be pre-fitted in new vehicles registered from May 1

ERP 2.0 unit to be pre-fitted in new vehicles registered from May 1


Owners of current, native motorcycles can schedule an appointment with their chosen workshop to install their OBU after being informed by May 1 for an appointment.

A booklet with in-depth directions on how to book appointments and features of the OBU will be included in the warning.

Users of these scooters are encouraged to schedule an appointment once they are informed that the setup period begins on June 1.

If they finish the deployment within the agreed two-month window given to them, installation is free. Often, they will be charged a sponsored installation charge of S$ 35, said LTA. &nbsp,

Similar to their in-vehicle unit ( IU) under the previous ERP system, the OBU in motorcycles is a single-piece unit.

Owners of motorcycles or a designated member simply need to transport the scooter to the workshop on their assembly appointment time. No further documents are required.

They may also find out how long the motorcycle’s setup will take at the studio, which may or may not be possible depending on the motorcycle’s make and model.

New riders that were registered on February 13 already have an OBU pre-installed.


Owners of additional current local vehicles can anticipate being increasingly informed for OBU installation after this year.

However, LTA welcomes motorists who wish to mount early. They may call LTA Call Assist Service at 6377 2255 for support.

Motorists can even get in touch with their preferred approved workshop directly if they want to schedule their installation in addition to their regular maintenance visit, LTA added.