ERP 2.0 Tesla delay: On-board unit has no impact on electronics of EVs, says LTA

ERP 2.0 Tesla delay: On-board unit has no impact on electronics of EVs, says LTA

The electronics or circuitry of electric vehicles like Teslas are unaffected by the on-board unit ( OBU) of the new ERP 2.0 system, according to the Land Transport Authority on Monday ( May 27 ). &nbsp,

Problems arose about ERP 2.0’s interoperability with Tesla vehicles, so we clarified this. LTA confirmed earlier this month to CNA that the system’s release on new Tesla cars may take some time. &nbsp,

LTA stated at the time that it was working on the technical information for Tesla vehicles in collaboration with Tesla Singapore, but it would not provide more information. &nbsp,

According to Associate Professor Zhou Yi of the Singapore Institute of Technology, the OBU of the ERP 2.0 program may have an effect on Tesla vehicle performance or power life. &nbsp,

LTA made a Monday Facebook post correction to the watch. &nbsp,

LTA stated in the post that” the OBU has no effect on the hardware or electronics of electric automobiles.” &nbsp,

” It only draws energy from the lorries ‘ power for businesses”. &nbsp,

LTA added that installers may conduct tests on Volt vehicles” to confirm that there is no impact on performance” as an additional safeguard. The company also said it&nbsp, has also worked with authorised engine traders to make sure the OBU does no affect&nbsp, car performance. &nbsp,

LTA reiterated its reaction to CNA earlier this month and stated that it was working with the approved dealer to finalize the complex installation details for Tesla vehicles. &nbsp,

” The OBU installment for all other cars, including all other brands of EVs, is proceeding as planned”, the expert said. &nbsp,