Employees, employers firmly opposed on wage rise

Employees, employers firmly opposed on wage rise

Before the bilateral council meeting on Tuesday, met with the labor chancellor.

Employees, employers firmly opposed on wage rise
Labour Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, center, meets people ‘ staff at his government on Monday night. ( Photo: Ministry of Labour )

Prior to Tuesday’s bilateral committee meeting, employee and employer members met with the labor minister on Monday to discuss a minimum wage increase.

At 8:30 am on Monday, representatives from the Thai Labour Solidarity and the State Enterprises Workers ‘ Relations Confederation met Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn&nbsp at the Labour Ministry.

They backed the government’s decision next month to increase the country’s luxury hotels and resorts ‘ 400-baht minimum wage in October.

However, the staff members argued that the cost of living was rising globally, so the minimum salary may also increase nationwide.

Minister Pipat argued that every gathering should be aware that the anticipated implementation of the 400-baht minimum wage may be delayed, but that he would fight for it.

Additionally, he claimed that the government plans to increase the bass normal minimum wage to 600 by 2027.

Representatives from the Federation of Thai Industries, the Board of Trade of Thailand, and small and medium-sized businesses met at 10am to protest the October pay increase.

Due to the weak exports of the nation, FTI vice president Suchart Chantaranakaracha claimed he had no notion how organisations could obtain the 400-baht national level.

He added that duty incentives would be pointless because some businesses would suffer significantly as a result of a global salary increase.

The objective for the joint income committee  meeting on Tuesday will include the minimum wage. The commission comprises representatives of the government, employees and employers.