EC goes ahead with Senate election dates

EC goes ahead with Senate election dates

Panel body believes that a court challenge wo n’t prevent three scheduled round of voting from going off.

EC goes ahead with Senate election dates
A person makes an application for the Senate election on May 20 at the Bang Kapi area office in Bangkok. The first round of district-level ballot is set for Sunday. ( Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

The Election Commission made a decision on Friday to continue conducting the Senate election’s second square, which will begin on Sunday.

The Constitutional Court did not anticipate any significant repercussions, according to EC Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee, who stated that the seven commissioners unanimously voted to keep the neighborhood level election on Sunday.

Before making a decision on the scheduled election time, the commissioners said they had carefully considered the effects of the court challenge.

On Wednesday, the court agreed to hear the petition asking for a decision on whether four contentious natural laws governing the Senate election violate the contract.

The judges ‘ decision sparked rumors that the EC would have to postpone voting until the issues raised are resolved.

After the poll, Mr. Sawaeng promised that any issues may be resolved by the EC.

Four Election Commission rules on fighting were previously upheld by the Administrative Court after complaints that they were cruel. Some custodian senators have also criticized the fee for launching an investigation into the rigging of the votes in some provinces.

About 45, 000 applicants from 20 expert groups have registered to thrive in the poll. Only candidates who have been approved you cast ballots in the election. On June 16, the district election results will be decided in a statewide election, followed by a nationwide ballot to choose the 200 lower house members.