Chinese planemaker COMAC’s long journey to go global

Chinese planemaker COMAC's long journey to go global

Due to alleged military ties, China’s aviation sector is subject to more stringent trade handle controls from the US.

In order to reduce the risks of relying on eastern suppliers, Beijing feels the need to develop its own parts, especially the engine.


Mr Tse added that apart from production, documentation is key to taking off worldwide. &nbsp,

It took Airbus and Embraer about 30 years to mature, and obtaining documentation from the US Federal Aviation Administration is important.

By the end of the year, China’s civil aviation authority is now making it a priority to get European documentation for the C919.

China must also buy aircraft from overseas manufacturers in order to meet the demand for air travel, with Airbus in talks to purchase more than 100 broad body jets from Chinese airlines.

COMAC is expected to make 150 C919s yearly over the next five times, a small amount compared with Airbus and Boeing, which delivered 735 and 528 both last month.

Currently, Chinese companies have reportedly placed more than 1, 000 commands for the C919.

” Its generation rate is not that ambitious. No doubt that the aircraft may be exported abroad in the near future, but because of the reduced production rates, the focus will be on the local market, according to Mr. Tse.

He added that he anticipates that the Belt and Road nations, which have friendly relations with China, will be the first to purchase the C919 abroad in the near future.