EC clarifies Senate poll regulations

EC clarifies Senate poll regulations

Conversations with experts in the media are acceptable.

EC clarifies Senate poll regulations
Sawang: Campaign pledges banned

The Election Commission (EC ) forbids Senate election candidates from introducing themselves in the media or participating in a broadcast debate on matters relating to their expertise.

The EC held a meeting with advertising representatives on Tuesday to provide a briefing on the Senate vote law’s characteristics.

The EC responded to growing inquiries regarding the media’s coverage of the approaching Senate election.

There is no precise word in any legislation that, according to EC Secretary-General Sawang Boonmee, forbids the media from carrying out their duties during the multi-tier Senate election, which is scheduled for May 20 through May 24 and involves intra- and interprofessional group votes at the district, municipal, and national levels.

He advised the internet to be extra careful when interviewing prospects and to only let them discuss their areas of expertise.

An executive professional may provide their views on a fell building, for instance. They do n’t, however, give more details about their candidacy or directly state their candidacy.

Individuals who are media cables are subject to the same rules, according to Mr. Sawang, but they may continue to serve as media practitioners during the vote.

” New legislators will be elected based solely on their backdrop.”

He said,” I mean they will be elected from what they’ve done in the past, not what they say they’ll do when elected,” as opposed to what MP candidate can do.

The EC did not create the regulations that govern the Senate nomination. They were put in place by one else]legislators], “he said.

If the findings of the Senate vote are flawed, the rules or the law, or both, will have to be amended, Mr Sawang said.

He claimed that the true purpose of the restrictions is to ensure equality for all individuals.

To enable the people to evaluate candidates ‘ registration, he said, the EC will release the final list of candidates and their histories via its digital press stations.

The EC’s website and mobile application Smart Voice are both accessible via the streams. Candidates may publish their histories in their electronic- media areas, he added.