Dragon Ball: First theme park to be built in Saudi Arabia

Dragon Ball: First theme park to be built in Saudi Arabia
Artist's impression of Dragon Ball theme park in Saudi Arabia.QIC

Saudi Arabia has announced it may create a theme park based on the celebrated Chinese animated series Dragon Ball, sparking combined reactions from viewers.

It will feature a 70m ( 229.6ft ) dragon at its centre and at least 30 rides, the firm behind the project says.

The area would be the world’s primary such destination based on the popular internet company.

The news was met with some criticism from enthusiasts, citing Saudi Arabia’s human rights history.

The park will cover more than half a million square metres, according to Qiddiya Investment Company ( QIC ) which is wholly owned by the Saudi Arabian government’s investment fund.

The plans are piece of” a lengthy- word proper partnership” between the QIC and Toei Animation, the Chinese producer of Dragon Ball.

According to the standard Dragon Ball site, the area may contain a roller coaster inside the dragon modelled after Shenron, a wish- giving dragon that features in the franchise.

Qiddiya is a big leisure and hospitality job being built near Saudi Arabia’s money Riyadh.

It is part of the energy- abundant government’s plans to expand its market away from fossil fuels.

While some Dragon Ball supporters have welcomed the ideas for the theme park, some on social media have questioned the determination to find the interest in Saudi Arabia.

The country has been criticised for its human rights record and lack of recognition of LGBTQ rights.

Artist's impression of Dragon Ball theme park in Saudi Arabia.


The announcement comes just weeks after the death of Dragon Ball’s creator, Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama died on 1 March, aged 68. Only his family and very few friends attended his funeral, according to a statement on the Dragon Ball website.

Fans around the world paid tribute to Toriyama for creating characters that have become a part of their lives.

The Dragon Ball comic series debuted in 1984. It follows a boy named Son Goku in his quest to collect magical dragon balls that can give him super powers.

It is one of the most influential and best- selling Japanese comics of all time.