Dr Zulkifli al-Bakri assumes chairmanship of TheNoor, paving way for Middle East expansion

Dr Zulkifli al-Bakri assumes chairmanship of TheNoor, paving way for Middle East expansion
  • TheNoor’s entrance into the Middle East is being facilitated by Zakififli.
  • MOU with Maktabah al-Bakri to create an AI technique that can answer inquiries about religion in Malay.

Muhamad Hashim Noor (left), CEO of Maktabah al-Bakri signing the MOU with Mohd Izzairi Yamin, CEO of TheNoor. Looking on is Dr Zulkifli al-Bakri.

Dr. Zulkifli al-Bakri has been appointed as Noor Luminous Sdn Bhd’s fresh Chairman. TheNoor is a life Muslim app that specializes in integrating Muslim principles with contemporary business practices. Zulkififi’s experience and reputation help TheNoor navigate its second stage of growth and expansion with his distinguished history as a former Mufti minister and Malaysian minister of Islamic Affairs. Even though the majority of its workforce will be in Malaysia, The Malaysian-founded business just announced moving its headquarters to Saudi Arabia.

Zulkififi’s distinguished career spans years of service to the Muslim area, which is demonstrated by his thorough understanding of Islamic law and his commitment to upholding moral and responsible business practices. He has won acclaim both domestically and internationally for his scholarly and leadership contributions.

Zulkifli al-Bakri is poised to help TheNoor enter the Middle East market, where his credibility and links will be key to navigating regulatory frameworks and forming strategic alliances, by leveraging his extensive network and control in the Muslim world.

Zulkifli expressed his excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead and that I am honored to serve as TheNoor’s president. ” With TheNoor’s modern business model and with its Muslim governance, I am convinced, God- inclined, that we can make a major impact in fostering economic growth and promoting Muslim values in the community internationally”.

In the warm area of artificial intelligence, both parties hope to have a significant effect.

Through a MoU signing, Maktabah al-Bakri, founded by Zulkififli, and TheNoor have made a strategic collaboration to develop an artificial intelligence ( AI ) system for religious questions and answers in Malay. The events assert that it is the first action of its kind in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Mohd Izzairi Yamin, CEO of TheNoor, said,” The opportunity to work with Maktabah as- Bakri is a recognition by popular characters such as Zulkifli for TheNoor’s work for the group”.

The partnership demonstrates the commitment of both parties to combining religion and cutting-edge technology to improve understanding and access to Islam, particularly in Malaysia and other Malay-speaking nations. Other facets of the MOU include engaging in intelligent collaboration to improve the Al-Inarah application and distribute TheNoor’s Al-Inarah content.

TheNoor’s appointment and the signing of the MOU set the course for the company, which will become a global leader in Islamic finance and ethical business practices.