Doctors reiterate importance of vaccination and boosters amid recent spike in COVID-19 cases

Doctors reiterate importance of vaccination and boosters amid recent spike in COVID-19 cases

Ong Ye Kung, the health secretary, has urged people, especially elderly and the impaired, to get vaccinated once a year as an important part of preventive maintenance. He has warned that falling vaccination levels in Singapore mean weaker defense against COVID-19.

The minister’s advice is being echoed by medical practitioners, who emphasize the effectiveness of vaccinations in averting hospitalization and severe symptoms.

However, they have acknowledged that it is getting harder and harder to persuade people to continue receiving booster shots, citing confidence given that Singapore views the illness as widespread.

It’s difficult to get past that complacency, said visiting professor Tikki Pang from the National University of Singapore( NUS ) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.” That attitude that” I’m strong, I’ve got a good body, it won’t happen to me” kind of false confidence.

He emphasized that authorities and health professionals may keep making vaccinations widely available and encouraging the populace, especially at-risk groups, to keep themselves immunized.


On Friday, September 15, the Health Sciences Authority ( HSA ) announced that it had approved a revised COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer that combats the disease’s current circulating and developing variants.

For those six months of age and older, the updated shot targets the Omicron XBB. sublineage of 1.5, which includes EG. 5 and BA. 2.86.

Prof. Pang stated on CNA’s Singapore Tonight that updating vaccines frequently to target the virus’ most prevalent and widely circulated variant is perfect.

as the XBB subvariant of the Omicron. According to Dr. Wee, his clinics are anticipating the release of the updated vaccination for its patients. 1. 5 is anticipated to continue to develop and spread.

According to him,” the old, the prone, and those with severe diseases and severe conditions may benefit most from this novel vaccine and should really consider receiving it once it’s obtainable.”

The majority of people received their most recent COVID – 19 vaccine or booster more than a year earlier, Dr. Xie continued. The population’s immunity is continuing to decline as the disease has evolved more. Therefore, a new COVID-19 vaccination or booster may increase these antibodies and aid in regaining disease immunity.

Information on the vaccine are being reviewed by Singapore’s Expert Committee on COVID-19 Vaccination, which will immediately make tips. By the end of October, companies are anticipated to occur.