Disruptive Doctors teams up with 1337 Ventures for the H-Innovators Challenge

Disruptive Doctors teams up with 1337 Ventures for the H-Innovators Challenge
  • aims to promote a culture of creativity in the healthcare industry.
  • Six month challenge invites medical students, doctors to introduce impressive solutions

Selina Chew, CEO & co-founder & Vivek Subramaniam, co-founder & business development director, Disruptive Doctors

Destructive Doctors, a pioneer in medical technology, and 1337 Ventures have announced their collaboration for the annual Disruptive Doctors H- Innovators Challenge. This six-week problem asks medical students from all over the world and health professionals from Malaysia to come up with creative solutions to pressing issues facing healthcare in the real world.

Participants may have the opportunity to pitch their medical technology ideas, receive coaching from business experts, and compete for resources to take their solutions to life through this collaboration, which is a major step toward fostering a culture of innovation within the healthcare sector.

” We are working with 1337 Ventures to give the next wave of medical entrepreneurs greater access.” This problem is more than a contest, it’s a call to action for those excited about improving care through destructive innovation”, said Dr Selina Chew, CEO &amp, inc- founder of Disruptive Doctors.

As we increase our expense in medical technology, “partnering with problematic physicians for the H-Innovators Challenge is a proper move.” The program is proper, it’s a chance to develop technology straight from the front of healthcare”, said Bikesh Lakhmichand, Founding Partner of 1337 Ventures. &nbsp,

He continued,” The company is excited to discover and help groundbreaking solutions from medical students and physicians, whose goals are to transform patient attention.” &nbsp,

This is a call to action for creative ideas that have the potential to influence the future of heath, not just a competitors. At 1337 Ventures, we’re committed to being portion of this revolutionary journey”, Bikesh said.

Proposals for the Disruptive Doctors H- Innovators Challenge are due between April 1st, 2024, and May 31st, 2024. Interested persons are encouraged to use and play a role in shaping the future of care. For more information on how to participate or sponsor the challenge, please visit https ://disruptive-doctors.com/h-innovator/