Dermal fillers and blindness: What causes it? Can it be reversed? What are the signs that something is wrong?

In the blood vessels, filler clots cause terrible news because they prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching the affected tissue, a state known as intravascular stop, which results in the organ’s death.

If the embolus lodges in an artery that leads to the body, symptoms of the closure may include pain and redness around the injection site, and if immediate action is not taken, irreversible skin death may result. Myopia may result from cell death or necrosis if the embolus is discovered in an artery that feeds the eye.

However, Dr. Tan noted that this phenomenon is” really unique.” Less than 0.05 percent of all plastic shots examined, according to a study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, resulted in venous stop.

Dermal filler-related blindness” happens infrequently ,” according to senior consultant Dr.Yvonne Chung, director of the Singapore National Eye Centre’s( SNEC ) Oculoplastic Department. She pointed out that less than five cases of severe complications involving blindness and physical necrosis have occurred at SNEC over the previous ten years.

She claimed that” Filler and injectables have been used by professionals for many years with proven efficiency.”