Clinics pump in more resources to combat spike in COVID-19 cases, respiratory infections

Clinics pump in more resources to combat spike in COVID-19 cases, respiratory infections

As people travel abroad and the school holidays begin, Dr. Xie anticipates the current outbreak of diseases to last for a number of more weeks.

” People are travelling in and out ( of Singapore ). There may be a surge in ARI ( acute respiratory infection ) cases in public, which may persist around and may continue until late- July”, she said.

SURGE IN COVID- 19 Circumstances

Similar to last month, WhiteCoat’s healthcare services has received up to 10 % more people than it did in April.

The agency said it has been able to put more arms on deck to meet the current demand because of a large group of in-house and partner doctors.

The company has added about 20 % more physicians to its lineup since the second quarter of April, particularly during the busiest times of the day, like in the mornings. &nbsp,

Dr Tan Ming Wei, WhiteCoat’s senior medical director, told CNA:” Based on our information and history numbers, ( we were ) able to see the uptick very quickly and determine that the storm was coming.

Thus, we have been able to schedule physicians earlier and organize more medical staff in advance to deal with this.

Over the years, the business has even increased its drug inventory, most just moving to a bigger inventory to handle more variety and quantity.


Doctors claim that the current upsurge in patients seeking medical attention for COVID- 19 and respiratory infections is never unusual.

” COVID- 19, like another fever and infections, has become a common respiratory disease. We anticipate two or three tides a month, especially given the emergence of strains, “repeated Dr. Xie.

With the new KP, Singapore has seen a rise in COVID- 19 infections in recent months. 1 and KP. 2 strains&nbsp, – part of the family of” FLiRT “variants – budgeting for about two- second of the cases.