Citi executive warns against “invisible ceiling”

Citi executive warns against "invisible ceiling"

Citi executive warns against 'invisible ceiling'
Ms Narumon Chivangkur Citi Country Officer and Banking Head Citi Thailand Bangkok Post Forum 2024″ The Women’s Vision: Empowering Change for a Better Coming” Thursday, March 28, 2024, from 12: 30 to 15: 45 hr. World Ballroom, 23rd Floor, Centara Grand at CentralWorld Photo By VARUTH HIRUNYATHEB

One important issue individuals face when advancing their careers is the growth- restricting “invisible ceiling” they build for themselves, says Narumon Chivangkur, Citi Country Officer and Banking Head at Citi Thailand.

The real issue is not the idea that some jobs are best suited for men more than women, but rather the perception that some people have that they are insufficiently qualified to hold higher positions in their organizations, she says.

” You do n’t have to be 100 % ready to get on the road”, she says.

Ms. Narumon was speaking about her experiences during a panel discussion at the Bangkok Post community yesterday on the subject of” Insights and Challenges on the Path to Women’s Success.”

She claimed that based on her nearly three decades of experience with Citi Group, both men and women can achieve their professional goals while also learning on the job to improve their skills.

” During a journey, we can love learning at every time”, she said. ” I think this can help us reach our destination, to”.

Despite the fact that finance is a “man’s sport,” she claimed that women can get accepted to work in major executive positions.

She believes that the real issue is not the attitude toward identity, but rather the “invisible ceiling” that prevents people from having the confidence to make a decision.

She said that young individuals, especially girls, had not often think of beauty as it is impossible to achieve.

A perfectionist watch will make existence less enjoyment, she said, adding people if, at times, let common sense to take center stage.

Some people, she said, claim that they only want to take time off to plan for a job while denying other people opportunities, which is against this view.

People may leave their comfort regions, she said, to find new lines and advance their careers.

Before joining Citi Group in 1996 to operate as a management affiliate, Ms. Narumon sang in the 1990s. Eventually, she gained knowledge by running Citi’s company in the global market by working mostly with architect colleagues.

In 2015, she became worldwide industry nose, and last year, she became country mind.

She claimed that her powerful path comes not only from her business acumen and skills, but also from her optimistic attitude as she prepared to take on new responsibilities.

” I do n’t feel they are challenges”, she said. ” What I see is the door opened. You can party on the stage.