Chinese warships plan visit to Cambodia amid US worries

Chinese warships plan visit to Cambodia amid US worries

Beijing’s defense ministry announced that China will take two vessels to Cambodia and East Timor starting in May and running until the middle of June, potentially making the United States more uneasy as a result of China’s expansion of a Chinese naval base.

China’s largest naval training ship, Qijiguang, and a massive amphibious warfare ship, Jinggangshan, will travel to the two nations for training with local naval cadets, according to a statement from the Chinese defense ministry on Thursday ( May 9 ).

The Jinggangshan port landing fleet is capable of transporting aircraft, armoured vehicles, boats and landing art as well as almost 1, 000 soldiers. Although smaller, Qijiguang is China’s most cutting-edge military training vehicle.

Where will the ships get staying while they are in Cambodia and East Timor, China did not specify.

However, the Chinese ship explore may raise even more US concerns about Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base’s new growth, which China has supported.

Cambodia’s decision to allow China to develop Scoop, located at a crucial lake on the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand in Sihanoukville state, has upset Washington. There are concerns that it will acclimatize Beijing to the disputed South China Sea, where China has the majority of its claims.