China’s next top envoy promises new US approach – Asia Times

China's next top envoy promises new US approach - Asia Times

A 59-year-old Chinese career minister has vowed to alter the nation’s perception of “wolf warrior” diplomacy and promote greater cooperation between China and the United States during a low-profile visit to Washington. &nbsp,

The media views Liu Jianchao, the head of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP ) International Department, as a strong contender for the position of next foreign minister and an emerging political force in China. &nbsp,

Liu would also become one of China’s five position mayors by taking over for former Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who was fired past July. &nbsp,

In China, vice-prime ministers and express mayors are referred to as sub-national leaders. National leaders like Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Qiang, and five different CCP committee standing council members are ranked above them.

Qin had now passed away in a military clinic in Beijing in late July, either from death or abuse, according to Politico, which generally publishes leaks from US brains services.

The report claimed that Qin and the family of major jet army officers had assisted in divulging Chinese nuclear secrets to Western intelligence agencies, citing two unidentified individuals with entry to senior Chinese officials. The Taiwanese government has not yet responded to the report,nbsp. &nbsp,

Wang Yi, chairman of the CCP’s Office of Foreign Affairs Commission, has assumed the role of international minister once more since Qin left. Since the end of 2023, Liu has shared some of Wang’s political responsibilities.

Liu led a group of Chinese leaders to France in October of last year to meet with Catherine Colonna, the country’s then-minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, as well as other important businesspeople. He traveled to the United Arab Emirates in December and had a meeting with Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the nation’s unusual secretary. &nbsp,

On January 8–13, he paid a visit to the US, and on January 12–12, Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, met with him.

In the conference between Xi and US President Joe Biden in San Francisco last November, both sides reiterated the significance of keeping the progress made on important concerns.

They talked about Taiwan, the South China Sea, China’s human right, and the detention of American people in China. Additionally, they discussed topics pertaining to Ukraine, North Korea, the Middle East, and the Red Sea. &nbsp,

Liu’s new US visit was an indirect effect of the improving relations between Russia and North Korea, according to Katsuji Nakazawa, a top author at Nikkei, in an article published on February 1.

The author claims Liu’s significant missions to the US have a lot to do with the fast closing length between Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing an unknown source. &nbsp,

He claims that in order to secure the source of artillery weapons for use in Ukraine, Russia gave North Korea more missile-related systems. He claims that China is very uneasy about having its garden broken into and is trying to form a relationship with the US. &nbsp,

Wang appears to be the best contact person for safety issues, though it will take time to determine whether this story is true or not. Wang met with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Bangkok for 12 days on January 26 and 27. &nbsp,

nbsp global order,

During his conversations with American officials and business leaders he met in the US, Liu showed great warm-up abilities due to his fluency in spoken English. &nbsp,

In a speech given by the Council on Foreign Relations, Liu stated that China does not seek to alter the recent international attempt, much less remake it. ” We have benefited from the fact that we are one of the developers of our current world order.”

Michael Froman, the president of the Council, questioned him about Taiwan and China’s bear warrior politics, and he responded in the usual manner.

There is no talk of returning to the wolf warrior diplomacy, he said, and I do n’t really think there has ever been. &nbsp,

The Taiwan issue is at the very heart of China’s key interests. The line must not be crossed, and we take significantly the US’s claims that it does not support Taiwan freedom. And he added,” We hope the US side will uphold this determination.” &nbsp,

Liu was referred to by Froman as” a dog warrior in sheep’s clothing” in a lighthearted joke to end the conversation.

Liu’s excursion to the US came after Xi and Biden exchanged congratulations on January 1st, which is the 45th celebration of China and US diplomatic relations ‘ founding in 1979. &nbsp,

The Taiwanese national election took place right after it. Beijing was dissatisfied that the Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP ), which currently holds power, could extend its term by four years.

When the National People’s Congress convenes for its annual meeting in early March, Liu will likely be named as the innovative Chinese foreign secretary, according to the Wall Street Journal on January 24.

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