Readying for war or being prepared for crises? China’s stockpiling of resources raises eyebrows and questions

Consider fuel for example. According to analysis firm Vortexa and exchanging sources, China has requested from its position oil companies to include eight million tonnes, or roughly 60 million containers, of crude oil to the nation’s emergency stockpiles to improve provide security.

If completed, the collecting would be one of the region’s largest in recent years, Reuters reported.

Beijing also has vision on cobalt, a key electronic vehicle power material. According to an estimate from the leading trading firm Darton Commodities, it anticipates that China will possess or control up to 60 % of the world’s chrome supply by 2025.

According to sources cited by Reuters and Bloomberg, China may purchase about 15, 000 kilograms of cobalt from nearby Chinese suppliers over the coming months for private stockpiles.

Supplies of copper and iron ore are also growing, both of which are greatly imported by China. &nbsp,

For metal, stock registered with the Shanghai Futures Exchange rose to a 51-month substantial of 339, 964 kilograms, in the week to June 7. &nbsp,

Meanwhile, China imported 1.18 billion tonnes of iron ore last month, a report high, Reuters reported citing traditions information.

In terms of grains, state-owned agricultural stockpiler Sinograin announced in a observe to its affiliates that they will enhance their purchases of wheat from important areas for its reserves in early June.

Most analysts we spoke with concur that there is ample evidence to suggest that Beijing has recently increased stockpiling, but they also acknowledge that it is difficult to say how many.

At the same time, they caution that collecting is not exclusive to China, nor is the state a person to collecting. ” All reasonable states hoard essential resources to ensure national security and economic stability,” said Mr. Mok.

In terms of stockpiling, China has a higher definition of what is considered to be a safety minimum, Mr Han-Shen Lin, senior adviser and China country director of The Asia Group, told CNA, adding: “( This ) can be seen as alarming to other nations”.

Indeed, the warning signal appeared in a June hearing by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission ( USCC), titled” China’s Stockpiling and Mobilization Measures for Competition and Conflict.”

According to its website, the committee monitors and examines the national security effects of the US-China trade and economic relationship.

A panel of experts gave their opinions on China’s strategy for conflict during the roughly five-and-a-half-hour session, with some claiming that stockpiling activities may show an immediate invasion of Taiwan.

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Uncertainty over possible presidential hotline as China, Philippines look to new channels amid South China Sea rows

The agreement would establish a direct line of communication between the two countries ‘ presidential offices, according to an article from The Associated Press ( AP ).

When asked for comment during a regular press conference on Wednesday ( Jul 17 ), Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian did not address whether direct communication between the presidential offices would be established.

Mr. Lin claimed in his answer that both nations agreed to further improve communication and dialogue between political and coast guard agencies in order to simultaneously maintain the maritime situation and the bilateral relationship as a whole.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson added that the country is” committed to properly handling coastal relationships with the Philippines through speech and conversation.” &nbsp,

On Wednesday, the foreign department of the Philippines did not respond to requests for comment on the subject.


Last month, the Philippines accused China’s coast guard of consciously ramming and deliberately slamming military ships and seizing weapons to obstruct a recharge mission to troops stationed on the ship grounded at the reef, seriously injuring a Filipino soldier who lost a hand.

China claimed that the Philippine ship had “deliberately and frighteningly” approached a Chinese fleet, causing a minor collision, and had illegally invaded its territory.

The two parties have established a line between their respective nautical offices, so this is not the first time the two parties have reached this arrangement regarding communications channels.

They agreed during the current intergovernmental conference on the need to “restore confidence” and “rebuild self-confidence” to better control issues.

The Spanish supplies operations, usually accompanied by press, have riled China, which sees the Next Thomas Shoal as part of its territory, despite being 1, 300km off its island and within Manila’s EEZ.

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8 suspects identified in kidnap-killings of Chinese national, Chinese-American in the Philippines

Spanish authorities have identified eight suspects in the kidnapping of a Taiwanese regional and Chinese-American, which sparked a political intervention from Beijing, and a contact for Manila to find and chastise the perpetrators as soon as possible.

The subjects apparently arrived in the Philippines in late June to look for work, but they were eventually kidnapped and killed. The situation became public on July 2 when a statement from the Chinese ambassador in the Philippines was released. &nbsp,

According to Spanish media reports, three of the defendants are Filipino citizens, while five are immigrants, according to Interior and Local Government Secretary Benhur Abalos Jr. Nothing are in police custody.

According to the government-run Philippine News Agency ( PNA ),” We have names and the case has good progress.” ( The Anti-Kidnapping Group shared that ) they are organizing other documents and are now preparing to file the case.

The Anti-Kidnapping Group requested that no excessive information be disclosed, she highlighted. According to Ms. Fajardo, the victims ‘ families and the Chinese Embassy have also pleaded for a” smart investigation as much as possible.”

Preliminary investigations revealed that the victims were meeting another Chinese citizens for a business venture and were greeted by a” still mysterious group” upon their appearance in the nation on June 20.

That same day, according to Ms. Fajardo, they had been able to reach their people.

However, the wife of one of the patients received requirements for a ransom of 5 million yuan ( US$ 687, 660 ) a day later. After agreements, the sum was lowered to 3 million yuan and sent to the criminals.

On Jun 23, a solicitor of one of the subjects reported the problem to Chinese officials, who then relayed the information to the Spanish authorities, PNA reported.

The Chinese ambassador intervened through diplomatic channels to request a quick rescue at some point as the family of the assaulted Chinese national made an appeal for assistance.

However, the two survivors ‘ systems were ultimately discovered on June 24. According to the local residents of a town in Caramines Sur, north of Quezon, they discovered them stowed in a cover next to a cliff, according to China Daily.

The embassy stated in a statement from the day of the embassy’s statement that it had spoken to the Philippine government and that it was urging Manila to increase its efforts in handling the case and” swapply apprehend and punish the killers.”

In the Philippines, there have recently been reports of Chinese citizens being kidnapped. The majority of these incidents are apparently linked to online fraud and telecom and internet fraud, as well as illegal gambling.

Four Asian police officers were detained in Manila in early June for extorting four foreigners, three Foreign nationals, and a Malay for ransom.

The four international tourists were traveling in a car when it was flagged down by police riding a bike, according to reports in the media. Finally, a group of armed men dragged them into a vehicle.

Two of the travellers made it out of the crowd and alerted the police. The various two were released over night after receiving a 2.5 million Spanish currency payment.

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Swimmer rescued 80km off Japan after 36-hour ordeal

Tokyo: After 36 time, a woman who went swimming off a Japanese shore was found 80 kilometers away from the coast, according to authorities. After the concern was raised for the Chinese woman in her 20s on Monday night in the northern Shizuoka place, the nearby coast guard launched aContinue Reading

Philippines and Japan sign key defence pact

The filing of the RAA comes as Taiwan and Taiwan’s growing sabre-rattling toward China intensifies worries about a potential issue that might bring America. As Beijing intensifies efforts to push its promises to nearly all of the corporate lake, there have been more frequent clashes between Chinese and Spanish shipsContinue Reading

China helps rescue stranded Philippine fishermen in South China Sea after initially obstructing efforts, says Manila

China initially criticized for initially preventing the Philippines from assisting the Philippines in the crew rescue of a stricken Philippine fishing boat in the South China Sea on Saturday ( Jun 29 ).

The trip affair is a rare example of cooperation between the two nations in the South China Sea, where a violent clash recently broke out amid heightened conflicts.

Two of the eight fishermen on board the vessel were hurt in an engine explosion off Scarborough Shoal, according to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in a Facebook post on Sunday ( Jun 30 ). It referred to the reef as Bajo de Masinloc, as it is known in the Philippines.

According to the PCG, a Spanish vessel patrolling the area, the BRP Sindangan, was soon instructed to deliver medical help.

” During the operation, our vessel received radio challenges, as well as encountered shadowing and initial blocking by China Coast Guard (CCG) and People’s Liberation Army ( PLA ) Navy ships”, said PCG spokesperson CG Rear Admiral Armando Balilo.

When the Chinese vessels learned about the charitable goal, they stopped observing the BRP Sindangan, the director said. He continued, adding that the CCG likewise provided assistance to the eight fishing on the stricken fish ship by launching two expandable boats.

Two staff members had second-degree burns, and PCG nurses assessed their situation and administered first aid to them. The PCG added that all eight were likewise provided with food and drinking water in its Instagram post.

” In times of situations, the protection of life should always be our focus. The Philippine Coast Guard and the China Coast Guard communicated in a diplomatic way and set off concerns on independence, in the heart of humanitarianism”, said the official. &nbsp,

” We will not raise stress, but we will continue to be determined to ensure the protection of lives at sea,” he continued. &nbsp,

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