China’s YMTC claims 3D NAND chip breakthrough

A Chinese memory space chip maker has put rivals Micron and SK hynix on notice along with claims it has self-developed technology that has improved its 3D NAND semiconductor’s performance by 50% while trimming power consumption by 25%.

Yangtze Memory Technology (YMTC), founded within 2016 and located in Wuhan, on Wed announced its fourth-generation NAND chips, referred to as X3-9070, are the initial to feature 232 layers of storage cells, according to Chinese media reports. The claimed performance improvements are over its third-generation chips released in April 2020.

The announcement said the particular X3-9070 is the best bit density adobe flash product in the company’s history, enabling 1 terabyte (TB) storage capacity in an ultra-compact mono-die footprint. The particular press release did not, however , state exactly how a lot of layers of storage cells the X3-9070 chip has stacked.

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China’s vocational education woes taking economic toll

Deciding whether to pursue educational or vocational training is not easy. Training costs time and money, and is expected to deliver higher economic returns than the price paid to obtain it. This problem is exacerbated simply by global uncertainty, employment market mismatch and overeducation. In China, a lot of students choose to visit a vocational school mainly because […]

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China’s WuXi Biologics moving big in Singapore

China’ s WuXi Biologics has introduced a 10-year purchase plan aimed at creating a world-class pharmaceutic contract manufacturing center in Singapore. The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) can be supporting the project. EDB Chairman Dr Beh Swan Gin stated that “The investments will set up Singapore as a substantial node in the company’s global research, growth and manufacturing […]

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Japan tentatively cuts stakes in Russia’s Sakhalin 2

SEOUL – Japan’ t Mitsui & Co and Mitsubishi Corp announced on Tuesday that they have slashed their stakes in the Russian Far East-based Sakhalin 2 oil and natural gas project by a combined 217. seven billion yen ($1. 7 billion), based on Kyodo News. However, they are not pulling out of what has been recommended as […]

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China’s C919 poised to challenge Boeing, Airbus

China’ t C919 narrowbody passenger jet has finished all test flights, bringing the plane one step closer to receiving a good airworthiness certificate regarding commercial operations within China. Commercial Aircraft Corp of The far east (Comac), founded within 2008 and headquartered in Shanghai, has spent almost seven years testing the self-developed C919 airliner, which ultimately aspires to compete with […]

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The paradox of Washington’s 5G sanctions

Sanctions plus embargoes are precarious policy tools that may lead to inadvertent effects without careful concentrating on, planning and coordination. In the absence of focussed application, Washington’s tries to break China’s 5G dominance may have assisted Beijing to strengthen its grip for the sector. Meanwhile, ALL OF US government agencies are usually promoting alternative technologies that have opened a […]

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