Cancer patients get more help

Cancer patients get more help

Cancer patients get more help

The Social Security Office ( SSO ) announced on Saturday that the Social Security Board ( SSB ) has approved a proposal to increase cancer patients ‘ access to treatment options through the Social Security system.

According to Dr. Thana Turajane, president of the club’s health council, the decision was made at a meeting on Wednesday, making it simpler for a patient diagnosed with cancer to locate a hospital that specializes in treating the condition.

He claimed that a form may be created and that contracts would be made to participate in state-run and secret cancer hospitals.

When assigned to a suitable cancer- treating hospital, each patient’s health record may be shared online among all parties, making hospital referrals more suitable for patients.

The SSO will also have access to the SSO’s health committee’s reportable cancer treatment and outcomes, he said. These results will be reviewed for quality control and be complied with by the system.

According to him,” the social safety care system today covers all types of cancer.”

Dr. Thana stated that the SSO web and other channels did contain guidelines for how patients and hospitals use the services.

According to deputy state official Karom Polpornklang, patients with any type of tumor will be able to search through a number of state-run and secret cancer-treating facilities and ask treatment there from now on.