Activist calls for anti-corruption commission heads to roll

Activist calls for anti-corruption commission heads to roll

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Activist calls for anti-corruption commission heads to roll
In December 2017, Vice Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon shows off one of his costly pieces. ( Bangkok Post file photo )

Veera Somkwamkid, an anti-corruption activist, threatened to sue the National Anti-Corruption Commission ( NACC ) for additional legal action on Saturday.

He is upset that the Administrative Court did n’t immediately release information about the investigation into former deputy prime minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon’s expensive wristwatches.

The NACC received a final order of 15 more days to comply with the order, according to Mr. Veera, the Anti-Corruption People’s Network’s nose, which could lead to the NACC issuing arrest warrants until it completely complies with the May 2 ruling.

Following the NACC’s request on August 22, 2019, to release three documents related to the NACC’s research into Gen Prawit’s reported failing to declare his pleasure wristwatches in a required assets charter with the NACC, the May 2 court order was issued.

The Aug 22, 2019, order was made by the Office of the Official Information Commission in response to Mr Veera’s complaint.

The NACC secretary-general and all other commissioners did lose their jobs and face lengthy jail sentences, he said, if Mr. Veera’s pending plea for arrest warrants against the NACC is approved.

Attorney Paisal Puechmongkol said Mr. Veera may file a complaint with the Civil Court to have these NACC officials detained until they comply with the Administrative Court’s May 2 order, adding that they will go over more detail about this legal process.

Mr. Veera said he would file a complaint to the Constitutional Court in addition to the NACC’s threat to be arrested if it continues to ignore the May 2 court order.

And he claimed that the NACC would be suspended from service if the court consented to his plea.