Businesses in HarbourFront Centre on edge over possible revamp and cruise infrastructure consolidation

Businesses in HarbourFront Centre on edge over possible revamp and cruise infrastructure consolidation

SINGAPORE: Some HarbourFront Centre residents are uncertain about their coming in the tower, with proposals for an interim boat switch and possible changes in Singapore’s boat system.

One of Singapore’s two boat stations, Singapore Cruise Center, could be renovated, making way for a possible new facility that is 46 years old. Marina Bay Cruise Center is the other.

According to &nbsp, retail store owners and office workers, this doubt increased as a result of reports of a longer-term consolidation of Singapore’s cruise infrastructure. &nbsp,

The two cruise centers will merge in the upcoming years, according to a report from The Straits Times earlier this month, but the Urban Redevelopment Authority ( URA ) made it clear that the organization is considering combining its cruise infrastructure but does not intend to do so.

Some tenants who CNA visited the HarbourFront Centre last year expressed concern that any proposed developing plans might have an impact on their lease.

” The news is more disheartening, as we do not like to stay shifting”, said one business worker, whose business is located on the upper surfaces of the heart.

At least one company has chosen to move to a different place when its contract expires in the middle of this year and chooses not to renew it.

An employee of a financial services company with a location in HarbourFront Centre said,” When we learned of the possibility of a revamp,” and she requested that her company and her name not be made public.

” They did n’t want to give us anything official, so we decided to move” .&nbsp,

Real estate developer Mapletree, which owns HarbourFront Centre, said on Monday ( May 20 ) that the consolidation of cruise infrastructure is still being studied.

The combination of sail infrastructure may only occur in the future once the port’s relocation and reclamation works were finished, according to a spokesperson. &nbsp,

Although Mapletree did not immediately respond to inquiries about the construction of an interval terminal and HarbourFront Centre, its spokesperson told CNA&nbsp that it has” no proved programs” for the developing.

The spokesperson added that the house’s control has been communicating with its residents, and will release them if there are “material advancements”.