Buffaloes vanish, leaving grandma unable to pay debts

Buffaloes vanish, leaving grandma unable to pay debts

Buffaloes vanish, leaving grandma unable to pay debts
On Saturday, Charn Puangmalai asks for the return of her missing cows by the side of a house in the Chalerm Phrakiat city of Buri Ram. ( Photo: Surachai Piragsa )

BURI RAM: A grandmother’s disappearance of her flock of ten cattle has left her in financial damage. In order to pay her banks debt, Charn Puangmalai planned to sell them.

The 72- yr- ancient has been letting her cattle roam in the&nbsp, neighbourhood&nbsp, around her home town of Khok Ta Tung in Chalerm Phrakiat district every morning to serve themselves. She therefore returns them to the house in the evening.

Ms. Charn went to the area on Thursday evening and discovered no trace of her animal. She turned to rescue participants on Saturday after two days of unsuccessful hunting.

She said her 10 buffaloes were to be sold one day for 100, 000 baht and she would use the money to repay 300, 000 baht of debt owed to the&nbsp, Bank&nbsp, of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives ( BAAC ).

” If I ca n’t find my buffaloes, I have no idea how to find money to pay BAAC”, she said.

The 72-year-old hopes that her buffaloes did return to the house. ( Photo: Surachai Piragsa )

The individuals have been helping her try to locate her pets on feet and have also driven to&nbsp, neighbouring&nbsp, tambon and regions. They are unsure whether the cow were stolen or just lost their way, and they have not located them.

” If they were stolen, anybody who did that please&nbsp, have &nbsp, sympathy and bring my buffaloes back”, she begged.

All Mr Charn can do today is&nbsp, pray&nbsp, for their profit.