Bitera, Jakarta’s most secure data center is ready to operate

Bitera, Jakarta's most secure data center is ready to operate
  • Launch scheduled for the last week of February 2024
  • supports Indonesia’s electronic economy by making it possible for FSIs fiscal to integrate local businesses.

Bitera, Jakarta's most secure data center is ready to operate

A cutting-edge data centre in Indonesia called Bitera has declared its operational readiness. It is situated in Jakarta’s Kuningan neighborhood, which is also home to important online exchange points. Bitera successfully completed Level 5 commissioning tests, also known as Integrated Systems Testing, in January 2024. These tests were carried out by Commissioning Agents Inc. ( CAI), a well-known US-based data center commanding company. In the same month, the ability started offering services to its first customers, and it plans to enjoy its grand opening at the end of February 2024.

The amazing nine-story Bitera service has a 20 MW critical IT weight capacity, more than 8,600 square meters of colocation space, and can accommodate up to 4, 000 racks. The business offers high reliability and security as a Tier- II I certified facility, along with features like meeting rooms, business spaces, and consumer lounges. The service is TCCF certified by the end of February 2024 and has ISO 27001 and Uptime Institute certifications.

According to a report by Structure Research, Indonesia’s digital economy reached US$ 77 billion ( RM366 billion ) in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 360 billion ($ RM1.7 trillion ), indicating that data centers have significant potential to fuel the country. The report also mentions a tenfold increase in Jakarta’s collocation capacity, which is expected to increase between 2023 and 2028 from 152 to 463MW.

Indonesia, mainly Jakarta, has been a key player in the Asia Pacific’s digital economy, according to Tedy Harjanto, CEO of Bitera. By enabling the digitalization of regional companies and financial institutions, our existence supports Indonesia’s modern economy and green development.

According to Harjanto, environmental conservation is a top priority. Bitera is dedicated to putting energy-efficient measures in place to lessen its carbon footprints and support Indonesia’s goal of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2060.

We are pleased to announce that all five levels of commission at Bitera have been successfully completed, not just meeting the requirements but also exceeding stringent test guidelines, ensuring optimum performance and reliability, according to Guillaume Berthet, chairman of APAC Data Center Services at CAI. This accomplishment shows how dedicated Bitera is to providing a top-notch information center facility.

Bitera is the most secure data center in Jakarta’s downtown area thanks to its purpose-built five-node availability Service Level Agreement ( SLA ) architecture, eight layers of access, and 24-hour security. Two different major substations provide 2N reliability for the power supply. The business uses cutting-edge technology and pride itself on strong functional quality.

Bitera offers a variety of system providers and low-latency connectivity options to clients, enabling them to carry out online operations more effectively. It is strategically located just 500 meters from key net exchange points. The service places a strong emphasis on both speed and sustainability. Additionally, Bitera uses environmentally friendly cooling systems and achieves carbon neutrality by using only renewable energy certificates ( RECs ) obtained from PLN, the country’s state electricity company.

Bitera anticipates offering cutting-edge data solutions that surpass customer expectations now that the data center is available for support.

MMS Group Indonesia, a well-known green property management firm with nearly 20 years of existence in Indonesia’s power and real estate sectors, is the parent company of Bitera. MMS Group Indonesia, which has won numerous prestigious awards related to the green energy transition, supports a just, inclusive, and green power change as well as the growth of Indonesia’s modern economy.