Billion-dollar money laundering case: Three men deported to Japan, Cambodia

Billion-dollar money laundering case: Three men deported to Japan, Cambodia


Su Baolin, 42, &nbsp, pleaded guilty to three out of 13 costs and was sentenced to 14 weeks ‘ prison in April. One charge was brought in connection with making false statements to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore ( IRAS ), while the other was related to money laundering. &nbsp,

One of the largest cash fraud businesses ever to be carried out in the world is likely to be one of the more than S$ 3 billion in assets that were seized or frozen in relation to his situation. &nbsp,

Around S$ 100 million worth of assets, consisting of cash, vehicles, properties, luxury items, and alcohol were seized from Su during investigations. This included about S$ 3 million in sales of goods like a Bentley Flying Spur, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and a Ferrari 488 Spider. &nbsp,

Additionally, two state club memberships and jewelry worth about S$$ 2 million were taken by authorities. &nbsp,

Su Haijin, 41, was likewise sentenced to 14 months in jail in April.

During the attack next month, he jumped off a next- ground balcony&nbsp, at his home in Ewart Park in an effort to escape arrest. &nbsp,

He fractured&nbsp, both legs and injured his elbow, but managed to walk down a flight of steps and avoid through a side wall. Su afterward hid in a deplete until later discovered and detained. &nbsp,

Su pleaded guilty to three out of 14 costs. These were for preventing a constitutional imprisonment and obtaining about S$ 1.4 million in criminal revenues through Yihao Cyber Technologies, a shell business.

Property for about S$ 170 million, including cash, cars, and expensive things, were seized from Su.

These included 21 bank records containing about S$ 45.6 million, 13 properties including two Sentosa buildings and three North Bridge Road shophouses, as well as variety of vehicles and luxury goods. &nbsp,