Back to work: Why South Korea’s seniors are rejoining the workforce

Back to work: Why South Korea's seniors are rejoining the workforce

But a new era of liberated, independent, and generally educated baby boomer are opening doors and changing views.

” After raising my children and then taking care of my children, I found myself relatively buried. I felt like I needed some society involvement”, said Ms Kim Nan- hyang, a jobseeker who has been a woman most of her career.

” I came out mostly to gain knowledge, to see what I’m capable of and to explore different avenues”.

The 69- yr- ancient approached the Seoul Senior Employment Support Centre, which was set up by the state’s authorities, to seek expert help in her search.

” I’m interested in doing commentary work, like being a docent at places like the Kimchi Museum, but I do n’t have any specific relevant experience”, she said.

She told CNA that the heart has introduced her to different possibilities. &nbsp,

” If I can do some social service activities while also ( reaping ) economic benefits, I think it would be more rewarding”, she said. ” It would give me a sense of pride in my abilities. I’m even thinking about starting a business”.