DNB hits key milestone in agreements with Malaysian mobile network operators

  • Terms law established by Share Subscription Agreements were properly complied with.
  • TM given until 21 Aug to find owners ‘ smile, following its leadership

Malaysian mobile network operators, CelcomDigi and U Mobile took a big step towards owning a 14% stake respectively in DNB with their announcements that they have met the terms of the Share Subscription Agreement with DNB.

The Share Subscription Agreements ( SSA ) between Digital Nasional Bhd ( DNB) and four mobile network operators ( MNO ) in Malaysia, namely CelcomDigi Bhd through Infranation Sdn Bhd, Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd, U Mobile Sdn Bhd, and YTL Communications Sdn Bhd through YTL Power International Bhd, have marked an important milestone.

On 1 Dec 2023, DNB and the Minister of Finance ( Incorporated ) ( MoF Inc ) entered SSAs with five MNOs, thereby enabling the MNOs ‘ participation in DNB through equity ownership. DNB confirmed that all SSAs law requirements were met on June 20 with a statement released monday. With this crucial step being completed, the SSAs are scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2024 for all MNOs, aside from Telekom Malaysia Bhd ( TM), to increase their equity stake in DNB, according to DNB. The long prevent time for TM is 21 Aug 2024, for it to get its owners ‘ endorsement, in accordance with its management requirements.

According to the SSAs, it is anticipated that the MNOs will collectively acquire a 70 % equity stake in DNB, with each holding a 14 % stake. The Malaysian Government, represented by MoF Inc, may keep a 30 % interest and a Unique Promote in DNB for a designated time.

As the factions work toward the SSAs, DNB stated that it is still committed to spurring technological advancement and expanding online services across the nation, creating a more connected and online empowered Malaysia.

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U Mobile says ready to build second 5G network on its own, if need be, on completion of SSA process and SHA signing

  • Its knowledge, in my opinion, makes it the best place to create a second 5G system in Malaysia.
  • Basic crossing the 9mil in 2023 as a result of unrelenting efforts to improve members ‘ experiences

U Mobile [partnering Sun Life around 5G services. The telco is confident that it can even go it alone on building Malaysia's second 5G network.

In order to transition to the country’s dual 5G network model, U Mobile is committed to completing the share subscription agreement ( SSA ) process with Digital Nasional Bhd ( DNB), which is a positive step in the direction of the signing of the Shareholders Agreement ( SHA ).

U Mobile has a proven track record of being Malaysia’s preferred online service companion in terms of price and improvements. We are committed to signing the Lamp as we move into our second stage of growth.U Mobile says ready to build second 5G network on its own, if need be, on completion of SSA process and SHA signingWong Heang Tuck ( pic ), CEO of U Mobile, was cited as saying that DNB had completed the SSA process and were well-equipped and ready to roll out the second 5G network.

U Mobile said the announcement underscores its determination to play a crucial role in developing Malaysia’s modern economy and advancing the president’s 5G goals. It thinks it is well positioned to introduce the next 5G network, if necessary, only to aid the government in achieving its goal of having two 5G networks to promote competition and guarantee the sustainability of Malaysia’s telecommunications ecosystem.

We think we are in a good place to move out the following 5G network because, in addition to our expertise and experience, we are likewise accustomed to utilizing the most recent technology to promote and demonstrate the financial benefits that the technology will take to the consumer, business, and public sectors. In addition to that, we will look into use cases to display the advantages of 5. 5G as part of our efforts to advance the nation’s online roadmap.

Over the past ten years, U Mobile has emphasized that it has consistently challenged the status quo and added benefit to Malay with its creative products and services at affordable prices. This telco’s network expansion strategy also benefits from this innovation mindset, as U Mobile reported that it has a demonstrated track record of quick and violent 4G rollout, which was accelerated by ongoing investment and future-proofed with the most modern infrastructure.

Its unwavering efforts to increase members ‘ experience with the ability to reach a 9 million center in 2023, earning it the six-time Frost & Sullivan’s Malaysia Mobile Service Provider of the Year award.

The telco recently completed a 5G private network proof of concept ( PoC ) for the logistics sector, working with a partner to digitize container inspection, a crucial component of the logistics process.

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CelcomDigi in best position to lead development of second 5G network, ready to complete share subscription agreement with MoF Inc, DNB

  • Thoroughly committed to 5G Dual Network design, ready to build Malaysia’s next 5G network
  • All important elements of its modernised system are 5G- set – RAN, base and transfer

A 5G package from CelcomDigi. The country's leading mobile operator said it is ready to lead the development of the second 5G network in Malaysia.

CelcomDigi Bhd announced today that it is prepared to begin the construction of Malaysia’s second 5G network and have completed the conditional Share Subscription Agreement ( SSA ). In a Bursa Malaysia filing, the Company said all conditions precedent in the conditional SSA it entered into with the Minister of Finance ( Incorporated ) ( MoF Inc ) and Digital Nasional Bhd ( DNB) on 1 Dec 2023 have been met. This statement confirms CelcomDigi’s determination to own DNB.

Prior to the completion of the SSA(s ), the Malaysian Ministry of Communications had previously stated that the selection process to build and operate Malaysia’s second 5G network would begin. In achieving this step, CelcomDigi is prepared to play a major role in shaping Malaysia’s 5G environment and continue its strong commitment to deliver 5G services to the state, in complete support of the Government’s perspective for the 5G Dual Network (5G DN) changeover.

” We are committed to making 5G a victory in Malaysia. With our best-value ideas, we have been promoting 5G implementation among consumers. Additionally, we have collaborated with a number of businesses on cutting-edge 5G options, most just enabling the first-in-the-region 5G network to be installed on an offshore oil and gas program. We have a proven track record and extensive network rollout knowledge in Malaysia. With our modernised, condition- of- the- art 5G- available and the country’s largest 4G and 4G network, we believe we are in the best position to lead the development of the second 5G network for Malaysia, and to promote online financial growth for the nation”, said CelcomDigi CEO, Idham Nawawi. &nbsp,

” We are completely in favor of the government’s announcement regarding the effective application of the 5G two network model. In order to achieve a good, open, and consultative process, we will work closely with the government and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on the two network transition plan for the next 5G network. We hope to achieve a result that equitably balances the impact on both the economy and the market, and that benefits both the government and industry as well as Malaysian consumers and businesses.

The company’s network integration and modernization program, which was completed by the company by mid-June 2024, is on schedule and is aiming to create Malaysia’s leading digital network. The main components of CelcomDigi’s modernized network are all 5G-ready, including the RAN, core, and transportation, to be commissioned for a standalone 5G and 5G network, which could produce one of the region’s largest 5G networks aimed at advancing Malaysia’s digital society.

For more information, please refer to the related Bursa Announcement here.

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Digital Edge and Peak Energy forge partnership for renewable energy in data centers

  • &nbsp, First network of 500 MW solar power over subsequent 3 times
  • Did target jobs in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines

Digital Edge and Peak Energy forge partnership for renewable energy in data centers

In a move towards sustainability, Digital Edge ( Singapore ) Holdings Pte. In order to incorporate green power into Digital Edge’s data center operations in Asia, Peak Energy Investments Ltd. and Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership. The rapidly expanding data center channel of Digital Edge is being powered by this partnership, which makes use of Peak Energy’s expertise in producing solar energy.

The contract specifies a mutual effort to create an original 500 MW network of renewable energy capacity that will serve both existing and upcoming information centers over the next three decades. With a focus on solar, wind, and backup solutions, Peak Energy did targeted projects in important markets where Digital Edge has a reputation, including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. This program is anticipated to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of up to 1 Megawatts of power and make over 1,300 GWh annually, which is equivalent to 216, 000 cars off the road.

We are thrilled to mate with Peak Energy to expand our clean energy use throughout the area as we work toward carbon neutrality by 2030, said Samuel Lee, CEO of Digital Edge. With our EDGE1 hospital in Jakarta becoming the first data center in Indonesia to work entirely renewables, we have made significant progress in utilizing solar power across the Digital Edge system. We will be able to expand these efforts and expand our ESG objectives through this relationship with Peak Energy.

Peak Energy’s CEO, Gavin Adda, stated,” Peak Energy is focused on helping corporates lower their energy costs and graphite footprints in a responsible way. On this interesting initiative, we look forward to expanding our existing partnership with Digital Edge. The two quickly expanding companies in the Asia-Pacific region will benefit from this partnership because of its common business goals.

Peak Energy and Digital Edge are both Stonepeak’s portfolio companies, both of which have a focus on real estate and infrastructure, especially in data centers and solar energy.

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Notti Pet Food secures US$500K seed funding to elevate pet health & nutrition standards in Southeast Asia

  • aspires to have 200 marketers both online and offline by the year 2024.
  • Funding will help new product launches, rise into the Philippines &amp, Singapore

From left: Ke Yee Yap, founder of Notti Pet Food, Amanda Cham, associate director, 500 Global, Joel Neoh, partner, First Move and Audra Pakalnyte, partner, First Move

Notti Pet Food, the modern pioneer behind Southeast Asia’s first sluggish- baked super premium mealworms, has secured a seed funding of US$ 500, 000 ( RM2.4 million ) from 500 Global and First Move, marking a major step in the dataset company’s trip.

This innovative funding will help the business, which is focused on promoting South Asian animal health and nutrition standards, including launching new product lines and entering the Philippines and Singapore areas.

Over half of Malaysians ( 51.1 % ) currently own pets, according to Standard Insights ‘ most recent Consumer Report Malaysia 2023, which is expected to rise. As dog ownership grows, so does the need for animal food, with minimal higher- quality options available. Notti is a better option than traditional animal meals because of this trend. Their distinctive product line features 100 % individual- quality meat, enriched with fruit, vegetables, bacteria, and supplements. &nbsp,

This distinguishes Notti from other corporate brands that rely on confusing labeling and meat meal. Notti preserves nutritional integrity by using genuine ingredients and a soft 90°C slow-baking technique, in contrast to the high-temperature extrusion techniques used by main brands.

Notti’s materials have received clinical testimonials, exceed global Association of American Feed Control Officials Nutrient Standards, and are suitable for all ages, species, and styles.

Keyee Yap, chairman of Notti Pet Food, emphasized,” Notti is more than just a product, it embodies our opinion that pets are cherished community members. My staff and I are dedicated to making sure your pets receive nutritious foods and an experience that recognizes the special relationship we share with them as a devoted animal lover, as well as myself.Notti Pet Food secures US$500K seed funding to elevate pet health & nutrition standards in Southeast Asia

Khailee Ng ( pic ), managing partner at 500 Global, highlighted Notti’s team strengths:” Beyond being a pet food company, Notti is a pet- focused entity with a roadmap for multiple revenue streams and products. We’re eager to help their progress in the expanding pet industry because we’ve built related businesses for people.

Audra Pakalnyte, companion at First Move, noted Notti’s ability as she stated,” At First Move, we seek out founders with toughness, strong know- how, and enthusiasm, and Yap embodies all of these qualities. From our first meeting, it was clear that her commitment to solving real problems, innovating, and maintaining high standards in the pet industry was a driving force behind Notti. We’re excited to work with Notti as they continue to expand and have a significant impact.

Notti actively participates in Trap- Neuter- Return initiatives and charitable campaigns, including giving pet kibbles to animal shelters, in addition to advancing animal health and nutrition. Their focus on innovation, nutrition, and animal welfare reflects their mission to foster a healthier and more compassionate world.

Currently available in over 100 pet shops across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, Notti aims to expand to 200 online and offline distributors by the end of 2024, signaling confidence in driving substantial business growth and benefiting pets worldwide.

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Iskandar Investment Berhad, TM-Nxera partner to drive digital transformation in Iskandar Puteri

  • Collaboration supports M’sia’s goal of attracting US$14.8 billion in investments by 2025
  • Project involves a US$212 mil investment to develop Iskandar Puteri’s digital infrastructure

Iskandar Investment Berhad, TM-Nxera partner to drive digital transformation in Iskandar Puteri

Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), the master developer of Iskandar Puteri, through River Retreat Sdn Bhd, has entered into a strategic partnership with TM-Nxera, a joint venture of TM and Singtel, to empower the digital economy and build a sustainable future for the region.

In a statement, the firm said that the strategic partnership with TM-Nxera to establish state-of-the-art sustainable, hyper-connected, and AI-ready digital infrastructure in Iskandar Puteri marks a significant milestone in its journey toward becoming the Digital and Innovation Hub for Johor.

It said the proposed project will entail an approximate US$212 million (RM9 billion) investment by the parties to develop the digital infrastructure for Iskandar Puteri.

Idzham Mohd Hashim, President/CEO of IIB, said, “The decision by TM-Nxera to establish their state-of-the-art sustainable and AI-ready digital infrastructure in Iskandar Puteri is a major achievement for our community. It goes beyond mere infrastructure development; it’s about nurturing innovation and fostering growth within our region.”

Meanwhile, Bill Chang, CEO of Nxera and Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit, stated, “This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision to empower digital economies and communities across the region, and we are confident that it will unlock immense potential for businesses in Johor and Singapore.”

Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, group CEO,  TM said: “This strategic move underscores our commitment to advancing technology and fostering innovation in Malaysia. Johor is a key destination for TM’s digital infrastructure expansion supported by our robust domestic and international connectivity. The partnership is a pivotal step in our mission to position Malaysia as a regional digital hub and towards our vision of becoming a Digital Powerhouse by 2030.”

The collaboration aligns with Malaysia’s national agendas, including the MyDigital Blueprint, which emphasizes the importance of digital infrastructure in driving a digitally enabled government and economy. It also supports the nation’s goal of attracting US$14.8 billion (RM70 billion) in investments by 2025, as outlined in the MyDigital Blueprint and National Industrial Master Plan 2030.

The new digital infrastructure will create numerous benefits for Iskandar Puteri, unlocking opportunities and creating value in several ways. It will increase investment opportunities by attracting new technology companies and stimulating tech-based investments. Additionally, it will upskill the workforce by providing opportunities for local talent to develop digital skills.

The infrastructure will be built with a focus on sustainability, aligning with IIB’s vision for a net-zero-carbon CBD in Medini. This development will enhance the business ecosystem by facilitating the growth of various technology-driven industries within Iskandar Puteri. Furthermore, it will increase subsea connectivity between Johor and Singapore, supporting the development of the digital economies in both regions.

With a shared commitment to progress and prosperity in the region, the strategic partnership strengthens the dynamic relationship between Johor and Singapore, underscoring initiatives that pave the way for a brighter future driven by innovation and economic growth.

Both parties are confident in the partnership’s ability to not only bolster Iskandar Puteri’s digital infrastructure but also unlock exciting potential for innovations and opportunities. Together, they aim to transform Iskandar Puteri into the preferred gateway to Southeast Asia and a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and economic prosperity.

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NTT DATA, Inc. appoints Abhijit Dubey as chief executive officer

  • Joined NTT in 2021 from global advisory firm McKinsey & Company
  • Tasked with leading 150,000 employees globally, guiding the firm through its next growth phase

NTT DATA, Inc. appoints Abhijit Dubey as chief executive officer

NTT DATA, a global leader in business and technology services, has announced the appointment of Abhijit Dubey (pic) as CEO of its business outside Japan. The news follows the finalisation of the merger between NTT DATA and NTT Ltd., forming a US$30 billion (RM141,330,000) global powerhouse under the NTT DATA name. Previously, Dubey served as CEO of NTT Ltd.

According to the company, Dubey will lead 150,000 employees worldwide as they accelerate NTT DATA’s growth and continue to responsibly innovate and deliver business and technology consulting, data and artificial intelligence, industry solutions, cloud, cybersecurity, and managed services for applications, infrastructure, and connectivity. To date, NTT DATA has already expanded its international footprint to approximately US$18 billion (RM84,798,000).

As part of NTT, a company with a rich 150-year history that invests US$3.6 billion (RM16,959,600) annually in R&D, NTT DATA is well-positioned to help organisations tackle the challenges of today while innovating for the future. Dubey’s technical, business, and strategic acumen will help clients navigate their journey as they take advantage of rapid technological advancements and modernise their operations.

Dubey brings with him a depth of industry expertise, having joined NTT in 2021 from global advisory firm McKinsey & Company, where he spent more than 20 years advising many of the world’s most prestigious technology companies and leading CEOs. He was also responsible for launching and spearheading McKinsey’s global cloud computing efforts.

Commenting on his appointment, Dubey said: “I am honored to lead the company at a time of major technological change. Technology must drive positive change in the world, and I believe that NTT DATA’s broad capabilities in consulting, infrastructure, AI, cloud, and cybersecurity position us to deliver meaningful impact. I’m privileged to lead a team that is committed to clients and am excited for this next phase of growth.”

Kazuhiro Nishihata, Dubey’s predecessor in the position, said: “NTT DATA has built the world’s broadest and most comprehensive set of capabilities and industry expertise, alongside unparalleled geographic reach and a world-leading team, positioning the company perfectly to help clients as they embark on transformational technology projects. I am confident that Dubey is the right person to lead NTT DATA through its next phase and accelerate its growth globally while continuing to foster an environment of innovation and ongoing success. I wish him all the very best for the future.”

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TAR UMT’s Project G drives sustainability among its Gen Z students amidst growing interest from Malaysians

  • Rising worry about sustainability, concerned corporate &amp, financial methods
  • helps students to take active roles in conservation and wellness activities.

Standing Left: Richard Navarro, Google APAC Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS) Sustainability Partner; Kneeling Bottom left: Cindy Poh Huay Yuet, TAR UMT lecturer & programme Leader, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Advertising together with her final year students involved in Project G.

For the past few years, Google search styles have noted Malay ‘ growing interest in conservation, along with natural topics like misleading, round economy, and food safety.

‘ Food stability’ experienced a strong 150 % increase in popularity from Jan 2022 to Sept 2023 compared to the preceding 20 times.

The country is among the top 10 globe when it comes to searching for topics like’ foods spend’,’ thrifting’, and ‘ environmental, social and corporate management’ ( ESG). This topic’s popularity increased by 230 % last year, surpassing the previous 20-month time, which was an all-time great.

Overall, the information suggests that Malay are extremely interested and concerned about sustainability, economic issues, along with accountable corporate and financial practices. &nbsp,

Google shared the statistics during Project G Day last September, which is the celebration of the Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology’s ( TARUMT ) sustainability initiative.

Project G Celebration

Taking exams, mixed-reality animated mascot known as ‘Chapu’ adds to the fun as well.

With the issue for the Earth’s climate and sustainability becoming a top priority, Project G was founded in the middle of 2023 to entice and inspire Gen Zs to become interested in promoting responsible change and promoting emotional well-being through green practices.

Supported by Google Malaysia, the project was led by final year students from the Bachelor of Communication ( Honours ) in Advertising.

One of the pupils, Tan Sze Ni, claimed that because of their significant occurrence in society, they had chosen to concentrate on ecological and mental health issues.

” Through this initiative, we hope to cultivate a century conscious of mental health, emphasizing endurance, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude, and encourage them to make small adjustments for the sustainable growth of the planet”, she added.

It’s great to have been a part of this program and to see TAR UMT students inspire Project G to encourage positive change among Gen Zs, said Richard Navarro, Google’s APAC Real Estate and Workplace Services ( REWS ) Sustainability Partner. We at REWS share the same desire to take strong actions to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing and functions.

Cindy Poh Huay Yuet, &nbsp, Lecturer &amp, Programme Leader of Bachelor of Communication ( Hons ) in Advertising said,” We are excited to embark on this project supported by Google, an organization that embraces technology to solve its sustainability challenges” .&nbsp,

According to her, Project G enhances students ‘ educational experience by empowering them to actively participate in sustainability and wellness activities, having a deep and long-lasting effect on both the university and the community as a whole.

Tan agreed. ” We kids not only gained valuable experience in collaborating with big corporations in the real world but even developed collaboration, communication, and issue- solving abilities”.

” Google has supported us from the earliest stage where we were brainstorming ideas on the project, Green Heroes, along with data, content, and the event itself”, Cindy said.

In order to inspire others to embrace recycling and adopt a lifestyle rooted in sustainable living, TAR UMT and Google collaborated to form” Green Heroes,” a team made up of thought leaders ( mostly the students themselves ) and Google employees. They aim to highlight innovative sustainable practices, particularly upcycling ( reuse discarded materials in a way that produces a product of higher quality or value than the original ), as well as sharing valuable advice in short videos. &nbsp,

The project had its very own mixed-reality animated mascot known as” Chapu” to engage with their target audience and inspire students to be more environmentally conscious and mentally fit. Chapu chronicles Project G’s journey and inspires students to be more environmentally conscious.

According to Tan, the project’s feedback was encouraging, noting that” Chapu was loved by many, and the university ( TAR UMT ) has continued to use this character even after the project is over.”

In response to the question of whether another Project G will be launched in 2024, Cindy responded,” We hope to carry on our initiatives for similar social responsibility projects, hopefully it takes off.”

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Reducing carbon footprint in Malaysia: The potential of green-tech startups

  • Essential for M’sia to identify efficient- technology startups dedicated to sustainability&nbsp,
  • Collaboration between multiple stakeholders is essential in addressing weather issues.

Reducing carbon footprint in Malaysia: The potential of green-tech startups

Malaysia, with its huge forested area of 18.27 million acres, or 55.3 % of the total land area, is navigating the subtleties of carbon pollution. In 2021, the government’s CO2 emissions were nearly 298.5 million metric tons, mainly attributed to power production and consumption. The country has seen a constant increase in coal power over the past ten years, increasing by approximately 1.3 % annually.

Major environmental effects have been caused by Malaysia’s rising carbon emissions. The nation is becoming more prone to climate change, with more frequent wildfires and rising sea levels, which pose significant risks to its southern provinces.

Another pressing problem is forest. About 133, 000 hectares of healthy forest were lost in Malaysia in 2023, leading to the loss of biodiversity and causing significant amounts of atmospheric carbon to be released, intensifying climate change.

These environmental changes have serious economic implications, with climate change potentially shrinking Malaysia’s GDP by 20 % by 2050. This puts vital industries such as agriculture, hospitality, and fisheries at hazard, along with possible impacts on public health and work production.

But, Southeast Asia also has major opportunities to address climate change. According to a study conducted by BCG and Fairatmos,” Climate Technology in Southeast Asia: Key to Unlocking the World’s Carbon Sink” ( Climate Technology in Southeast Asia: Key to Unlocking the World’s Carbon Sink ), nature-based solutions ( NbS ) could account for roughly 30 % of the global carbon offset by 2030, despite Southeast Asia containing less than 1 % of the world’s total landmass. Important sectors such as agriculture, hospitality, and fish can grow by focusing on sustainable practices while enhancing human health and work production.

To effectively harness nature- based solutions, collaboration between various stakeholders is needed, particularly in technological advancement, personal- public partnerships, and green investment. Although advances like the Internet of Things ( IoT), artificial intelligence, remote sensing, and quantum computing play a significant role in NbS implementation, more green investment and political will are required to overcome obstacles to NbS adoption.

The development of NbS is already being impacted in Indonesia with assistance for Fairatmos, a nonprofit that works on high-quality coal offset projects across Southeast Asia. &nbsp,

Fairatmos founder and CEO Natalia Rialucky said,” Indonesia hosts 15 % of the world’s ability character- based carbon falls. Fairatmos aims to make the process simpler, allowing everyone, regardless of size, to start nature-based tasks that reduce greenhouse gas emissions without paying a premium. Everyone should be able to participate in the restoration of the atmosphere by overriding obstacles like restricted technical expertise, extended certification procedures, and high costs.

Fairatmos has received assistance for its solution, Atmoswatch, from ANGIN, an first- level investment platform and development consulting consulting company in Indonesia, through its Product Market Fit Programme powered by Official Development Assistance. This program aims to develop businesses ‘ products to better match business needs by providing money, tailored coaching, and networking opportunities.

Ursula Toding, ANGIN business development senior associate, said,” We were impressed by Fairatmos ‘ alignment with government priorities, especially in carbon offset initiatives amid Indonesia’s focus on carbon regulation. Startups like Fairatmos must make the most of their business to address environmental issues, balancing impact with business viability. Through the organisation, we can become more strategic in our approach, achieving both meaningful impact and sustainable growth”.

Additionally, Fairatmos received funding from regional venture capital firm Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India ( VVSEAI ). VVSEAI’s partner, Puiyan Leung, said,” Innovators like Fairatmos play a vital role in supporting these efforts. In order to reduce the impact of the climate crisis in a creative and creative way, we sincerely hope there will be similar projects throughout Southeast Asia. In the same way that Fairatmos does, it also helps to reduce emissions as well as offer economic and social benefits to local communities and help them in their efforts to adapt to climate change.

To replicate this model in Malaysia, identifying green- tech startups dedicated to sustainability is essential. Venture capital firms, such as VVSEAI, can provide support through funding, mentorship, and networking, while the Malaysian government and stakeholders foster conducive environments for sustainable investments.

The partnership between Fairatmos and key ecosystem players serves as a successful model for green-tech startups, investment platforms, and venture capital firms. This partnership demonstrates how these organizations can work together to reduce carbon footprints and speed up Southeast Asia’s transition to a low-carbon economy, significantly advancing sustainability initiatives. This collaborative model provides a framework for Malaysia that can be applied to other countries, demonstrating the viability of combating climate change through strategic alliances with businesses.

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Matrade and Amazon sign Memorandum of Understanding to empower Malaysia SMEs to go global

  • MoU will increase, increase both parties ‘ cooperation which began in 2021
  • SME will get the help required to become Google retailers across the globe.

From left to right: Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, CEO, MATRADE; Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, minister of Investment, Trade and Industry; Reezal Merican Naina Merican, chairman, Matrade; Anand Palit, head of Amazon Global Selling, Southeast Asia

To strengthen the export capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ) in Malaysia, the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation ( Matrade ) and Amazon have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU).

Under the contract, both parties will start the” Move International with Amazon and Matrade” effort, helping Indonesian brand owners and sellers seize mix- border business opportunities with Amazon Global Selling. This program helps businesses build worldwide, build global companies, and achieve Amazon’s hundreds of millions of active user accounts worldwide.

Businesses from all over the world can establish a global business, establish global brands, and gain access to Amazon’s hundreds of millions of active customer accounts.

Matrade and Amazon will work together to increase awareness and provide necessary information to Malaysian company owners and sellers regarding cross-border e-commerce. Amazon Global Selling will share insights and experience, help training workshops, and link businesses through the Amazon owner trip, including account register, product preparation, list, shipping, advertising, and more.

Additionally, they will share the success stories of Malaysian retailers in U.S. and EU stores to inspire other regional businesses. Additionally, Matrade will promote Amazon Global Selling’s training activities to relevant local entities, including businesses, authorities, and business associations, to foster greater participation.

The MoU, according to the parties, will strengthen and open up new opportunities for Matrade and Amazon’s collaboration, which first began in 2021. An in-person seller workshop, which attracted a lot of Malaysia sellers, was the most recent joint initiative, which took place in Kuala Lumpur in April 2024.

Reezal Merican Naina Merican, chairman of Matrade, expressed his delight in working with Amazon to advance Malaysian SMEs on international markets. He added that this MoU highlights the agency’s commitment to supporting businesses that use e-commerce to expand their global footprint. &nbsp,

” Together with Amazon, we aim to provide Malaysian SMEs with the essential tools, knowledge, and support to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace”, Reezal said.

Meanwhile, Anand Palit, head of Amazon Global Selling in Southeast Asia, said,” We are strengthening our collaboration with Matrade to empower Malaysian SMEs to leverage Amazon’s global reach. Malaysian sellers are showing a growing desire to sell on Amazon to other countries. In fact, the number of new Malaysian sellers selling their goods abroad through Amazon Global Selling nearly doubled in the January to April 2024 period compared to the same period the year before.

He added that the MoU with Matrade will give Malaysian brand owners the tools, knowledge, and support they need to succeed as Amazon sellers across international borders.

Amazon continues to invest in logistics, tools, services, programmes, and people to foster the growth of sellers ‘ businesses worldwide. The company claims that more than 60 % of sales in its store are made by independent sellers, the majority of which are small and medium-sized businesses. &nbsp,

To date, the company has 23 stores globally and can ship products to customers in over 200 countries and territories.

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