Jail for man who stole S$120,000 from jeweller on Singapore Airlines flight

SINGAPORE: A man who stole the equivalent of about S$ 120, 000 ( US$ 88, 700 ) from a jeweller on a Singapore Airlines flight was sentenced to two- and- a- half years ‘ jail on Friday ( Jun 21 ).

Peng Hui, a 54- year- ancient China nationwide, had first told the court when he was charged that he did not admit guilt, but ultimately pleaded innocent to four charges.

These are for fraud, including attempting to submit some of the stolen funds to China by bringing income over S$ 20, 000 into Singapore without declaring it, converting some of the stolen funds into game chips, and attempting to transact some of it with China.

Another four expenses were considered in punishment.

THE Robbery

According to the jury, Peng was traveling on SQ899, which left Hong Kong for Singapore on March 5.

Another passenger was also on the aircraft: a Taiwanese jeweler who had traveled to trade fairs in Bangkok and Hong Kong and was returning home.

The prey had more than 1, 000 records of different faiths in his suitcase, including US$ 131, 000 in hundred- money bills and HKD$ 122, 000 in five hundred- money bills.

The goldsmith left his case in the overhead compartment, somewhat positioned behind his chair, during the trip.

The bag’s room with the money was never zipped up, and the jeweler occasionally dozed off or went to the restroom.

Peng had the idea to take from the target, taking advantage of the fact that he was carrying a significant sum of money.

While the plane was in journey, Peng stealthily removed US$ 80, 000 and another HKD$ 70, 000 from the victim’s handbag.

When the survivor arrived, he passed through the emigration convoy and declared the amount of money he was carrying.

Nevertheless, he quickly reported the case when he realized a sizable amount of cash was missing about three hours after takeoff.


Peng even alighted at Changi Airport. He had on him money of several churches, including the stolen volumes, totalling S$ 124, 473.

He realized that the hotel’s owner would immediately look for the money as soon as he checked in and counted the money.

He made the decision to convert the dollar to Singapore dollars because he was aware from prior experience that casinos may convert foreign currencies into blackjack chips.

Peng gambled some of the$ 30, 000 that he had purchased at the casino in Marina Bay Sands.

He eventually cashed out about S$ 42, 400 worth of chips.

Peng also made a trip to a People’s Park Complex payment station where he placed two orders to send money to his family in China for a total of around S$ 19, 900. &nbsp,

Due to his lack of a work permit, the company refused to accept more requests from him, but he went to another store and attempted to remit about S$ 9,500 to his brother in China.

However, the policeman prevented them from going through with the payments.

After extensive police investigations that involved trawling through security camera footage and an invasion activity, Peng was arrested the early hours of the following day.

They recovered about S$ 37, 900 from the payment firms that Peng had attempted to line to China, S$ 66, 761 in money from him and HKD$ 69, 000.

Another smaller amounts of Peng were also recovered. He was charged and remanded.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Tung Shou Pin requested 32 to 37 months in prison for Peng on Friday, claiming he was a stranger who had targeted a Singaporean on a Taiwanese plane.

He said for foreigners are” a plague” as they affect Singapore’s status as a offense- completely country.

It’s challenging to find out about such crimes on airplanes because passengers frequently ca n’t look over their belongings and learn about the theft sooner.

According to Mr. Tung, the number that Peng stole makes it one of the worst cases of flight fraud.

In prevention, Peng said via a Mandarin speaker that he would like to suggest guilty to the jeweller.

” I have caused him economic decline, even though it’s not much”, he said. But it did change him intellectually, too.

He likewise pleaded for mercy, saying he had” caused harm to the safety status of Singapore”.

He said he was over 50 years old, had insulin and only one liver.

I worry that I wo n’t be able to endure it if I spend too much time in jail. And finally, my family is over 80 years old. I am the only baby. I want to look after her, but I would have to go to prison. I want to take her on her final quest, but I hope your honor will lessen the sentence and let me know when I’m wrong,” he said.

The sufferer did not suffer “much loss,” according to Deputy Principal District Judge Ong Chin Rhu, as a result of the diligent work of the prosecutors who stopped Peng’s plot to dissipate his legal wealth.

The judge praised the fact that Mr. Peng acknowledged that the sufferer may have experienced a certain degree of mental stress as a result of discovering the theft of his funds.

She suggested that Peng should inform the prison regulators about his health requirements.

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'Big mistake' for South Korea to arm Ukraine - Putin

South Korea has been warned by Vladimir Putin that using hands against Russia would be” a great mistake” by it.

His comments come after Seoul said it was considering such a possibility, in response to Russia and North Korea’s new pact to help each other in the event of “aggression” against either country.

Moscow “will …]make ] decisions which are unlikely to please the current leadership of South Korea” if Seoul decides to supply arms to Kyiv, Mr Putin told reporters on Thursday.

The Russian president was speaking in Vietnam shortly after making a beautiful trip to Pyongyang, where he and Kim Jong Un, signed a shared defense agreement.

Seoul had previously said the deal was a threat to its regional stability, and Chang Ho-jin, the country’s top official, said it would “reexamine the issue of arms support to Ukraine.”

In response to Mr. Putin’s comments, the presidency of South Korea announced on Friday that it would ponder “various options” for providing arms to Ukraine, and that its position did “depend on how Russia approaches this issue.”

Authorities are also anticipated to awaken South Korea’s ambassador, according to Yonhap news agency, citing unidentified political sources.

South Korea has so far refused to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine despite providing them with humanitarian aid and military support because it has a legally binding policy against arming allies at war.

Some in Ukraine have been anticipating that Seoul’s strategy will change as a result of the growing defense ties between Moscow and Pyongyang. Prior to this, experts had predicted that Kyiv would employ Mr. Putin’s trip to Pyongyang to put more pressure on.

During the visit, Mr Kim had also pledged “full support” for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is growing evidence that Russia has already been deploying North Korean missiles in Ukraine.

The US National Security Council’s spokesman John Kirby spoke out early on Friday about the Russian-North Asian deal, saying it does “be of priority to any country that cares about maintaining peace and stability” in the area.

He added that the deal was” no surprise”, saying that the US had been warning about the two countries ‘ “burgeoning military relationship” for several months.

Tokyo expressed” really worried” that President Putin did no “rule out co-operation in military technology with North Korea,” according to Japan’s government spokeswoman Yoshimasa Hayashi, adding that the agreement was “unacceptable.”

According to experts, the convention has potential substantial effects for both the world and the region. It might also be possible for North Korea to boldly arm Russia, but it might also be possible for Russia to get involved in any new issue on the Korean Peninsula.

The two Koreas still physically engage in conflict and maintain a tightly guarded border, which has caused tensions to escalate in recent days.

In a split event on Thursday, North Vietnamese soldiers “briefly crossed” the frontier and retreated after the South fired warning shots, Seoul officials said on Friday.

This marks the third such incident in less than three weeks. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff had said the two earlier cases – on 9 June and 18 June – appeared to be unintentional.

More reporting by Jean Mackenzie.

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Car maker fined $6.4m for selling China-made vehicles as Italian

A car company has been fined$ 6.4 million ( £5 million ) by the Italian government for allegedly branding vehicles made in China as being produced in Italy.

Mr Automobiles misleading industry cars as being produced in Italy, even though they were typically made in China, according to the country’s competition regulation.

The company stated that it would file an appeal against the great because it had never claimed that all of its vehicles were made in Italy.

Mr Automobiles, based in Southern Italy, builds low-cost cars using components from Chinese automakers Chery, BAIC, and JAC.

The controller claimed that vehicles sold under the Doctor and EVO manufacturers were marketed as Italian-made but primarily of Chinese origin.

Italy performed simply minimal assembly and finishing tasks, according to the statement.

The expert added that” this process has coincided with a time in which the business recorded significant growth in sales of Doctor and EVO vehicles in the Roman market.”

The action comes as Italy and the European Union ( EU) as a whole are restricting the production of vehicles outside the trading bloc.

Different Morocco-made Fiat Topolinos were seized in the European port of Livorno last month because of their Italian flag badge.

Stellantis, Fiat’s family company, claimed to have adhered to the rules but that Stellantis has since removed the colors from the cars.

In April, Alfa Romeo, which is another European company under Stellantis, decided to rebrand its fresh, Poland- made Milano type as Junior following stress from authorities.

After politicians criticized them as a threat to the state’s motor industry, the EU threatened to impose transfer taxes of up to 38 % on Chinese electric vehicles last week.

These fees may be added to the 10 % currently levied on all imports of Taiwanese electric cars into the EU.

In response, China said the taxes violated global trade rules and described the inspection as “protectionism”.

The US recently increased its tariff on Chinese electric cars from 25 % to 100 %, which was made with this announcement.

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Singapore's public transport 'will get even better': PM Wong at opening of Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 4


With the entry of TEL4, 27 out of 32 TEL facilities are now functional, said Mr Wong. &nbsp,

For those who live further south, the second phase of the line, which connects Bayshore and Sungei Bedok, will be finished by 2026, and an extension to link the TEL to Changi Airport may be finished in the middle of 2030, along with the opening of Terminal 5.

When finished, the TEL’s northeast end will link to Changi Airport and its north end will attach to the Johor Bahru- Singapore Rapid Transit System Link.

” When the TEL is entirely completed, our train system will join Singaporeans from their threshold to the globe”, said Mr Wong. &nbsp,

He said that the TEL is only part of the government’s investment in Singapore’s public transportation method. &nbsp,

” We are certainly not done expanding the road network”, he said. &nbsp,

The proposed Cross Island Line and Jurong Region Line may improve connectivity and link the western, eastern, and northern regions, both. &nbsp,

In the forthcoming years, new channels and modifications on existing ranges, such as the North- North Line, Circle Line and Downtown Line, will also be opened.

Unfortunately, by the 2030s, eight in 10 families will be within a 10- second move of a train station, said Mr Wong. &nbsp,

He claimed that “millions of Singaporeans and people can easily and conveniently travel by public transportation, day in and day out .” &nbsp,

Mr Wong added that, in Singapore, when there are strategies made to create anything, “eventually it gets done”. &nbsp,

” In many other countries in the world, including in developed countries, folks talk about doing tasks, but very often it’s not so easy to get stuff done”, he said. &nbsp,

There could be problems with budget, opposition from people or perhaps political factors, he said. &nbsp,

Political parties occasionally change, and when the new celebration comes to electricity, they abandon the intentions of the past party, he said. &nbsp,

” Here in Singapore, when we say we will do anything, we make sure we deliver it”.


Different than improving communication, the TEL has also been designed to ensure convenience for those with specific needs, said Mr Wong. &nbsp,

According to him, the Land Transport Authority had extensive consultations with society partners, including the Singapore Association for the Deaf and the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped, to include inclusion features when designing TEL facilities. &nbsp,

For instance, stop signs have larger fonts, with sharper distinction and less noise, and there is more reading text to help the visually impaired.

In TEL stations, passenger service centers have hearing enhancement systems that reduce background noise for commuters wearing hearing aids. &nbsp,

There are also more lifts and station entrances, to benefit those who face mobility challenges. &nbsp,

” These features will benefit persons with disabilities, but also seniors and families with young children. They will help all Singaporeans board the train with ease and confidence, according to Mr. Wong.

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Singaporean singer Iman Fandi gets featured on Times Square billboard in New York City

Iman described the experience in a blog on her Instagram site, calling it something she had often longed for as a young child.

” Never in a million years did I think I’d be on ( a billboard ) in NYC with Spotify! I can recall being called to this opportunity, and I could n’t believe it until we had to shoot it literally the next day! The encouragement of Spotify and Equal has not only inspired me as a feminine artist but also many others to continue making music and making a mark in the field.

Iman made her song debut in 2021 with her second Period, which was the only child of Singapore sports legend Fandi Ahmad and former model Wendy Jacobs. She has since released several songs, including Best Bop, Love Me Little More, and Keep You On Read.

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Former child actress who starred in Mediacorp drama Double Happiness is now co-owner of a gynaecology clinic

When Chinese internet zaobao. Sg reached up to Xianmin, who left the celebrity at the age of 15 after initial sharing her story of getting married five years ago. Together, she co-owns a gynecology center. &nbsp,

Before enrolling at the National University of Singapore, where she majored in international relations, Xianmin attended Raffles Girls ‘ School and Raffles Institution. After graduating, Xianmin worked as an assistant chairman at the Eco- area Project Office, under the Ministry of National Development. &nbsp,

Xianmin also shared her unexpected meeting with Xiang Yun and Edmund. &nbsp,

She was having dinner with her companion when she discovered that celebrities were present.

” I turned my head and realised it was Edmund and Xiang Yun”, said Xianmin. ” Maybe it’s because my face has barely changed, but they could recognise me at one glance, and that made me feel very touched” .&nbsp,

When Xianmin and the stars she worked with exchange numbers, it instantly transported her to the past, especially when she did so 20 years ago.

” I do n’t know why but I subconsciously gave]her ] my mum’s number when I should have given her mine”! She laughed, adding that it was how her family used to get in touch with her when she was just a young artist. &nbsp,

Though it has been 20 times, Xianmin still remembers her time on fixed like they were yesterday. For instance, how she frequently called the original “mummy” and how Xiang Yun and Edmund treated her well.

” I’ll always remember when I had to give some extremely difficult lines, including those that included the words “gastrointestinal system” and “large and little intestines.” I had so many no-good takes, and it forced the seven to eight persons on set to repeat their pieces over and over again,” she said. &nbsp,

” I was so stressed out that I cried. Edmund comforted me. Everyone was very kind, and they even helped me feel up my makeup.

Xianmin even recalled how Jin Yinji, who played her aunt in Double Happiness, had often provide good food on set. &nbsp,

” In the present, we sold fish and chips. In actual life Jin- li had full- fry food on the spot to share with everyone”, she reminisced. &nbsp,

Till today, Xianmin, who also starred in Springs Of Life ( 2002 ) and A Child’s Hope ( 2003 ), still gets recognised in public, with many people telling her that they “grew up watching ]her ] shows”. &nbsp,

Perhaps an ex- partner from China, who watched Double Happiness on CCTV- 8 back therefore, was recognise her. &nbsp,

Xianmin said she actually cherishes that time when she was in the theater.

” My youth was really stupid. I spent a lot of time acting, which was really enjoyable. All my seniors ]such as Ivy Lee, Xie Shaoguang and Aileen Tan ] were extremely well- known and they were so nice to me”, she said, adding that she’s thankful her mum agreed to let her act.

Xianmin, who performed in Double Happiness for the 2004 Star Awards, also has her medal in her life room. &nbsp,

Has she considered returning to acting, similar to Regene Lim’s baby actresses? The answer is sadly, not.

She wants to concentrate on her office and has no plans to work in celebrity while she’s still interested in acting.

This article was first published in 8Days. &nbsp,

For more 8Days stories, visit https ://www.8days .sg/

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Microsoft back as most valuable listed company as Nvidia slips

Following a decline in the company’s share price of more than 3.5 % on Thursday, Nvidia has relinquished its place as the world’s most valuable business.

The artificial intelligence (AI) chip giant briefly held the top spot from Tuesday, with a stock market valuation of $3.34tn (£2.64tn).

But Nvidia’s shares fell to$ 130.78 on Thursday, sending its value down to around$ 3.22tn, with Microsoft reclaiming the title as it held steady at more than$ 3.3tn.

The supremacy of what analysts refer to as the “new silver or petrol in the technology sector”– the chips that power AI– has contributed to Nvidia’s rise.

Nvidia, Microsoft and Apple- each fair more than$ 3tn- are in a three- animal race to be the world’s most valuable business.

Some analysts predict that the three systems companies will continue to face brutal competition even though Nvidia only occupied the top spot for a short while.

Wedbush Securities stated in a statement earlier this week that” we believe that Nvidia, Apple, and Microsoft will be at the forefront of the contest to the$ 4 trillion market cap in technology over the next year.”

Nvidia’s investment has boomed owing to growing need for chips that station and work conceptual AI models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Additionally, the company benefited greatly from a frantic effort to mine Bitcoin in 2020, which saw a rise in graphics cards profits.

Its rise as been mirrored by the growing profile of its boss, Jensen Huang, who has become well-known thanks in part to his popularity in his native Taiwan, where fans treat him like a rock star.

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North Korea building border ‘wall’, satellite images reveal

16 hours earlier

By Jake HortonYi MaDaniele PalumboBBC Verify

BBC Satellite images showing sections of border 'wall'BBC

New dish pictures reveal that North Korea is installing portions of what appear to be walls in various locations close to its border with South Korea.

Additionally, images captured by BBC Verify reveal that land has been cleared inside the Demilitarized Zone ( DMZ), which is considered to be in violation of the long-standing truce with South Korea.

The DMZ is a 4 km ( 2,5 miles ) wide buffer zone between North and South Korea, who are technically still at war despite never signing a peace treaty. The DMZ is divided into two parts, with each area being under the control of its own countries.

This new activity is “unusual”, according to authorities, and comes at a time of rising tensions between the two places.

Shreyas Reddy, a journalist at the Seoul-based professional website NK News,” At this point we can only assume that North Korea is looking to improve its military appearance and walls along the border.”

Two satellite images showing the construction of what appears to be a wall near the North Korean border

As part of a job to examine changes North Korea was making to the region, BBC Verify requested high-resolution satellite pictures of a 7 km stretch of the border.

At least three areas of the border have been covered by restrictions, which are located close to the southeast end of the frontier, according to these images.

Along another stretches of the frontier, it’s probable that there has been additional challenge construction.

Due to the lack of high-resolution pictures in the area, the precise time construction began is unknown. These buildings were no discernible in an photograph taken in November of 2023, though.

According to Dr. Uk Yang, a military and defense analyst at Seoul’s Asan Institute for Policy Studies,” this is the first moment they’ve ever built a hurdle in the sense of separating places from one another.”

Two satellite images showing before and after construction of sections of what appears to be a wall near North Korean border

” North Korea had constructed the anti-tank walls in the 1990s to halt the progress of tanks in the event of a warfare.” But lately, North Korea has been setting up windows 2- 3m high, and they do n’t seem like the extra- tank surfaces”, Dr Yang says.

” The design of the rooms suggests that they are not only obstacles]for vehicles ], but are intended to break an area”, adds Dr Yang, who reviewed the satellite images.

There is also proof of property clearance on the DMZ’s North Korean area.

Two satellite images showing the clearing of land near the North Korean border

What appears to be a newly constructed access road can be seen in the most recent satellite imagery of the southeast limit.

We have taken inspiration from the BBC’s studies on border mapping by drawing the exact northern boundary of the DMZ on the above map. This is because the limit maps available have a few minor variations. However, all of the DMZ’s versions show property clearing.

The defense had identified continued activity related to the “reinforcement of military roads, the dropping of mines, and the opening of desert,” according to a joint statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of South Korea.

According to Prof Kil Joo Ban, professor of global surveillance at Korea University,” the land opening may be intended for both military and non-military factors.”

For North Korea to track military activity in South Korea and to identify “defectors who attempt to cross the boundary to South Korea,” he claims, “it makes centre content simply established.”

Getty North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, left, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, right, raise hands togetherGetty

According to Prof. Victor Cha, senior vice president for Asia and Korea at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, “it is strange to construct buildings in the DMZ and may be a contravention of the armistice without previous consultation.”

The Korean War ended in 1953 with an ceasefire, in which both sides pledged not to “execute any hostile work within, from, or against the demilitarised area”. But there was no last peace arrangement.

Reunification has always seemed doubtful to North Korean leaders, but until Kim Jong Un made the announcement that his nation had no longer follow that ambition at the beginning of 2024.

Some experts described the remarks as “unprecedented” and observed a major policy change when Mr. Kim first described South Korea as a “principal foe” at the beginning of this season.

The North has also started removing symbols that represent the two countries ‘ unification since then, including erasing government sites and destroying monuments.

Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo, head of European and International Studies at Kings College London, says that while North Korea does n’t really need more barriers to avert a strike from the South, it is signaling that it wo n’t seek reunification by erecting these border barriers.

Some researchers believe that this fits with Mr. Kim’s wider behavior.

Dr. Edward Howell, a researcher on the Vietnamese Peninsula, says that North Korea does not even pretend to want to deal with the United States or South Korea and has rejected latest attempts by Japan to do so.

We should n’t be surprised if inter-Korean provocations increase this year because of North Korea’s warming relations with Russia.

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Deep Dive Podcast: When flights run into trouble, how much money should you get?

Here’s an extract of the talk:

Steven Chia:

We have to ask you, is there a problem that this may also result in higher tickets for all of us, because carriers are finally going to say, well, I got to get more plan, I got to get more security. I’m going to issue in more chance. Does this eventually swell to the seat pricing we see? &nbsp,

Chooi Jing Yen: &nbsp,

Yes, it’s going to be very obvious if it is really the case that we will experience more instances of unexpected turbulence affecting plane. You are aware that flights will be held responsible for a specific sum if you examine the Montreal Convention. If we are going to see more of these incidents, then I do n’t see costs not rising for passengers.

Crispina Robert:

Especially when it comes to turmoil, correct? Because reports are saying that climate change is something airlines ca n’t control, right? airplane crashing into a bag of air. &nbsp,

Paul Ng: &nbsp,

Everyone had their cars on when I flew to New York on Singapore Airlines during any turmoil. The attendants were seated, no food or drink. So choose an airline that has a great security history… Firstly, I think you do need to purchase insurance. And to reiterate the point about ticket costs rising, it will rise because of the increase in healthcare costs. Because you cannot fly an airplane without third-party liability coverage, then insurers must cover the carriers for the costs of compensating the people for their injuries, deaths, or damages. Insurance will increase, which means prices will increase. &nbsp,

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