At least 115 media workers killed worldwide in 2022

GENEVA: A minimum of 115 media workers have been killed in 29 countries all over the world this year, a 45% increase compared to this past year, say the Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign (PEC).

Ukraine and Mexico were the most dangerous nations for media workers this year, the PECTORIAL said in its yearly report published on Wednesday (Dec 14), reported Xinhua.

The organisation mentioned it had measured 34 victims in Ukraine and seventeen in Mexico. These was the highest yearly death toll given that at least the beginning of the century in this country.

By region, the PEC said, there were 39 journalists killed in Latina America, 37 in Europe, 30 in Asia, seven within Africa and 2 in North America.

The organisation strongly condemned all assaults against journalists plus called for those responsible for these crimes to be brought to justice as quickly as possible.

The PECTORIAL, founded in 2005, aims at improving the safety of media across the world, its site says. – Bernama