African countries want answers over old rice sale

African countries want answers over old rice sale

Foreign Ministry to join with officials

African countries want answers over old rice sale
In Surin state, Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai, center proper, and other officers eat decade-old corn in the first morning of the month. ( Photo: Ministry of Commerce )

Following reports that Thailand plans to sell 15, 000 kilograms of questionable-quality grain left over from the Yingluck Shinawatra government’s corn pledging program to their places, the Foreign Ministry will match with officials from African nations to address concerns.

Phumtham Wechayachai, the deputy prime minister and trade minister, said the planned selling of the ancient stockpiles has sparked controversy because federal officials have raised concerns about their health and quality despite lab tests proving they are safe to consume.

He claimed that the foreign ministry is meeting with the American envoys in Thailand to understand the facts and respond to their inquiries.

Additionally, Mr. Phumtham noted that the government conducts stringent inspections of wheat exports and that Thai grain shipments to international markets are checked for compliance with Department of Foreign Trade standards.

The Public Warehouse Organization ( PWO ) is preparing to auction off the old rice stocks, which raises the concerns of the African diplomats.

According to the PWO, 15, 000 kilograms of grain may be auctioned off from two stores: 11, 656 kilograms from the Kittichai inventory and 3, 356 kilograms from the Phoonpol Trading inventory.

The PWO was scheduled to release the terms of reference for the corn bidding on Monday and go over them in more detail with potential buyers on Wednesday. From May 31 through June 7, prospective bidders will be able to assess the rice at the stores. On June 10, prospective bidders you submit an application to take the certification exam at the auction. On June 13, those who are eligible to participate will be revealed. On June 17, there will be an bidding.

The concerns of American diplomats regarding the contentious grain were covered by www. isranews. nonprofit, which quoted a statement from the Kenya- based Nation information website.

American officials in Bangkok reportedly expressed their concerns to the Foreign Ministry and demanded that the government explain the plan to sell the 10-year-old grain to Africa rather than at house.