Aerodyne unveils solutions for advanced air mobility and UAS ISTAR

Aerodyne unveils solutions for advanced air mobility and UAS ISTAR
  • ARGENTAVIS is made for deliveries and supplies transportation
  • FULCRUM can be used for monitoring, search and rescue, security

Top: Aerodyne’s Advanced Air Mobility Solutions at LIMA 2023. Bottom left: Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim with Kamarul A Muhamed, Founder and Group CEO of Aerodyne. Bottom right: Aerodyne’s Medium Lift drone 210TL.

Aerodyne Group, a drone services provider, unveiled its two flagship solutions, ARGENTAVIS and FULCRUM, at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2023 (LIMA 2023). These drones are powered by Aerodyne’s proprietary intelligence platform, DRONOS (Drone Operating System).

Kamarul A Muhamed, founder and Group CEO of Aerodyne said, “We are thrilled to embark on various projects, including an island to island delivery, implementation of a nested drone system to monitor assets spanning over thousands of kilometres, enabling efficient delivery of food and medicines to remote areas, providing long-range surveillance capabilities, and supporting maritime and land border management. These opportunities showcase the versatility and game-changing potential of our advanced drone technologies.”

ARGENTAVIS, an air mobility solution, can lift up to 225kg and travel for up to 725km. It is designed to cater to various industries including oil and gas shore-to-platform deliveries, medical supplies transportation to rural areas, and smart city logistics. 

FULCRUM is designed for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (“ISTAR”) when combined with AI-driven geospatial intelligence and a nested swarm system. It could be used for oil and gas pipeline monitoring, search and rescue missions, and border security.

ARGENTAVIS and FULCRUM integrate with DRONOS, which serves as the intelligence hub for all things drone.