5 people helped police arrest chopper-wielding man on Commonwealth Avenue; no sign it was an act of terror

5 people helped police arrest chopper-wielding man on Commonwealth Avenue; no sign it was an act of terror

SINGAPORE: A man attacked people on Commonwealth Avenue, including at an HDB raise hall, Margaret Drive Hawker Center, and a garden port, after being restrained by police with the assistance of five members of the public.

According to police on Sunday ( Feb 4), the suspect, a 20-year-old man, will be charged in court on Monday for intentionally hurting someone with dangerous weapons.

Initial inquiries revealed that the gentleman participated in the event on Saturday night by himself. According to the officers, there were no signs that it was a terrorist work. &nbsp,

The seven individuals he attacked were unaware of the person. He reportedly attacked them with his bare arms, a weapon, and helicopter. &nbsp,

A six-year-old child suffered minor injuries and was taken unconscious to the hospital, along with two men in their 76s and 40s. They were treated inpatiently. &nbsp,

Another three gentlemen, ages 54, 21, and 20, as well as a 45-year-old female, suffered minor wounds and turned down more medical help. &nbsp,

The suspect will be placed on remand at the Institute of Mental Health for clinical evaluation per a court order. &nbsp,

The offense carries a sentence of up to seven years in prison, as well as fines, canines, or any mixture of these penalties. &nbsp,

Carrying an offensive weapons in public without a valid reason is also illegal. This offense carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison and at least six wood stroke. &nbsp,

At 7:05 p.m. on Saturday, authorities reported receiving a call for help regarding the gentleman operating the helicopter and heading for 301 Commonwealth Avenue. &nbsp,

Within eight days of receiving the call, they arrived at the scene and, with the assistance of the five onlookers, detained the man at 1 Dundee Road, about 400 meters away. &nbsp,

The man allegedly attacked the second victim close to Margaret Drive Hawker Center, followed by the second and third patients in the HDB block’s ground-floor raise hall. &nbsp,

Therefore, according to reports, the man attacked the second to seventh victim along the park connector for the Alexandra Canal, as well as the fourth victim near Margaret Drive Hawker Center. &nbsp,

The five members of the public who assisted in the incarceration were given the Public Spiritedness Award by the authorities.

At the meeting, three of them were provide: Mr. Mok Kwong Heng, Mister Gangatharan Saravanan, and Emmanuel Lee Wei Chuan.

One of the patients who gave fight after being attacked is Mr. Lee, 21. &nbsp,

According to AC Serene Chiu, associate commander of the SPF’s Clementi Division,” the officers would like to congratulate the five citizens who detained the criminal before the police arrived.” &nbsp,