4G leaders ‘prepared to re-examine all assumptions’, says Lawrence Wong ahead of PM handover

4G leaders 'prepared to re-examine all assumptions', says Lawrence Wong ahead of PM handover

Over time, Mr. Wong predicted that Singaporeans will become more aware of him and his management design.

Now, I am free to write my reputation. I’m hoping to leave people to write my reputation and who I am as prime minister at the end of my day and during my office.

” But for now, entering this position and taking on this duty, I will just venture to do my best and to assist with all my heart, Singapore and Singaporeans.”


Mr. Wong noted that Singapore is evolving toward a more diverse culture and does continue to do so.

He claimed that” we do not highlight our distinctions” and find ways to support and bargain between opposing viewpoints in Singapore.

” The means ahead is for us to accept that variety, continue to engage one another, and at the same time, work even harder to get unity amidst variety, to find common ground.”

He said the state wants to start up the space for different organizations to get involved in shaping Singapore’s coming, emphasising that” we take this pretty significantly.”

He cited Forward Singapore engagements, the National Youth Council ( NYC ) youth panels, Alliances for Action, and the Singapore Government Partnerships Office as examples of platforms where people can voice their opinions rather than just make decisions.

But, due to the divergent viewpoints, Mr. Wong noted that there will occasionally be times when people will have to agree or disagree.

” There will be situations where the state, after sounding out various parts, may have to embark on policies that are not so common, but we think important and crucial for Singapore and for Singaporeans, “he said.

We will need to explain, speak to the public, and explain why we believe this is crucial, with the hope that this will help Singaporeans advance.


Mr. Wong acknowledged during the interview that local political opposition is still present and anticipates that all election seats will be up for election.

We accept that our political system will always have this in mind. When you consider the days of PAP dominance under Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, those days are over. ” &nbsp,