3 more firms in crosshairs over illegal meat imports

3 more firms in crosshairs over illegal meat imports

Three additional businesses are facing legal action from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives for allegedly forging documents to trade illegal pork and beef.

Yesterday, Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thamanat Prompow and other organizations held a press event to update on how far the unlawful import of meat has progressed.

Ramped- up examination regularity has been the department’s primary- choice tactic.

A Phaya Nakkarat unique task force was set up to address the illegitimate imports of land and fishing products.

In December, the unexpected checks at Lam Chabang Port in Chon Buri led to the discovery of seized meat and meat hidden among fish products.

More than 20 cases of document forgery for imports have been reported to the Central Investigation Bureau ( CIB ) since, according to Capt. Thamanat.

The specific force filed a statement for the CIB on January 14 that included information about the imports of herring and grouper fish and the discoveries of 5.9 million pounds of beef and pork.

The made records caused more than 1.4 billion ringgit in harm, Capt Thamanat said.

Bancha Sukkaew, the director-general of the Fisheries Department, reported that the agency has established a center to combat unjust import-exports and discovered irregularities in Sikhantin Trading Co Ltd’s buy documents.

The alleged supplier in Brazil officially confirmed the company’s submitted aquatic creature health certificates as fakes.

Eakkarak Limsunggas, deputy secretary- general of the Anti- Money Laundering Office ( Amlo ), said the investigation into these companies ‘ financial transactions is underway. If any inconsistency is detected, a legal case may be filed against them.

Col Rawirak Sattabut, commander of the Phaya Nakkarat specific work force, said more than 400 similar circumstances allegedly involving nine other firms are under investigation. Development on each will be made eventually.