3 men charged over plan to break into warehouse and steal vapes seized by HSA

3 men charged over plan to break into warehouse and steal vapes seized by HSA

SINGAPORE: &nbsp, Three men were charged in court on Thursday ( Mar 28 ) over a scheme&nbsp, to break into a warehouse unit in Woodlands and&nbsp, steal e- vaporisers and other related items stored inside which had been seized by the Health Sciences Authority ( HSA ).

The three gentlemen are: Chee Wai Yuen, 35, Elvin Suriaganandhan, 22, and Lim Zhi Wei, 38. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Chee, a Malaysian, is accused of surveying the warehouse’s premises&nbsp, to commit robbery on Mar 23, after allegedly engaging in a plot with a man called” Ming” to crack into the system.

Court records stated that Suriaganandhan and Lim, who are &nbsp, both Singaporeans, had likewise surveyed the same facilities on Mar 26. &nbsp,

All three were charged on Thursday with abetment of burglary. &nbsp,

Now understands that” Ming” was responsible for contacting Lim and Chee differently. This individual is still the subject of police inquiries.

A separate&nbsp, declaration by the authorities and HSA on Wednesday&nbsp, stated that the authorities had arrested the three men and a 21- year- aged woman for their presumed involvement in&nbsp, the scheme.

According to the speech, Lim had reportedly been&nbsp, offered a sum of money to replace the seized goods from the storehouse, and he recruited Suriaganandhan for this purpose. &nbsp,

When they went to inspect the facility, the lady had accompanied them, and the three were all taken into custody. &nbsp,

The girl is still the subject of police inquiries. &nbsp,

Both Lim and Suriaganandhan are on bond for S$ 15, 000 ( US$ 11, 000 ) each, and they will be hearing their cases in court once more on April 25. Chee has been placed on administrative leave for more investigation and will be back in court on April 4.

Anyone found guilty of assisting housebreaking you face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and fined.

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