Young woman”s body found beneath expressway

Young woman"s body found beneath expressway

Motorcyclist said he ‘ threw down a loved issue’, see says

Young woman's body found beneath expressway
On Wednesday night, criminal officials gather samples from the location where a young woman’s body was discovered beneath the Udon Ratthaya road in the tambon Bang Phunin Pathum Thani. ( Record from video on Nakon45 Anyawut Pho- amphai Instagram page )

On Wednesday night, a young woman’s half-naked system, thought to be from a university, was discovered in the grass beneath an freeway in the Muang district of Pathum Thani.

Around 5am, the owner of a car door reported seeing a gentleman riding a bike dumping trash beneath the Udon Ratthaya Expressway in Bang Phun. &nbsp,

Thongdaeng Bonsungnern, 49, &nbsp, reported to police that the motorcyclist had first made an attempt to cover it with lawn, finally picked up bags of garbage near and emptied them before riding his bike ahead.

A short while later he returned. Mr. Thongdaeng claimed that he had inquired about the person who he had dumped it. The person replied,” I threw a loved point here”, when suddenly leaving, according to Mr Thongsaeng, who took a photo of the leaving on his bicycle about 5.40am

The gentleman was &nbsp, wearing spectacles and no was no more than 30 years old, the car owner said.

Eventually, his wife went to the area and observed the garbage being strewn all over it and discovered what appeared to be a human feet. She instantly called officers.

Authorities were accompanied by the Ruamkatanyu Foundation’s rescue workers to the region.

The unveiled the body of a young girl who was only wearing a scarf and a university belt and was buried among the strewn trash.

The leader of a rescue squad uploaded a video to his Facebook page, Nakon45 Anyawut Pho-amphai, that shows the body’s recovery.

Police claimed they discovered a few body spots around the body. Criminal officers were taking tests. &nbsp,

The girl had not been identified. The officers investigation was continuing.

On Wednesday night, a young woman’s partly clothed body, thought to be a college student, was discovered dangling in the grass beneath the Bang Phun Expressway in Pathum Thani. ( Photo: Nakon45 Anyawut Pho- amphai Instagram page )