Xiang Yang Hong 3: Chinese ship’s port call flares India tension

Xiang Yang Hong 3: Chinese ship's port call flares India tension
Xiang Yang Hong 3 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Conflicts between Beijing, Delhi, and Male have risen due to the anticipated arrival of a Chinese study ship in the Island this year.

The Xiang Yang Hong 3 is there to “make a interface visit, for movement of workers and replenishment,” according to official documents. An entirely harmless halt, to put it briefly.

But Delhi does hardly perceive it in that way. The ship’s existence is, at the very least, a political bash in its place. Some worry that, at worst, it might be a mission to gather information that the Chinese army might use in underwater operations in the future.

Nevertheless, China specialists have dismissed their worries.

In the Indian Ocean, Taiwanese ships conduct scientific research. Zhou Bo, a top colonel in the People’s Liberation Army, told the BBC that its actions on the higher sea are totally legal.

The ships occasionally require inventory, such as gasoline, food, and water. They therefore seat in a third-country interface, which is typical. Therefore, there should be no fuss made by the American government. Mr. Zhou, who is currently a student at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, argued that the Indian Ocean is not the Ocean of India.

However, this is not the first time that China has sent one of its boats sailing close to Indian waters. China and Delhi are vying for influence in the Indian Ocean over a long-running dispute over their Tibetan border.

Minister Modi, Narendra, China's President Xi Jinping during the 10th BRICS summit on July 26, 2018

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To the chagrin of India, two Chinese naval ships made a port call to Colombo in 2014, and in the previous two years, both Chinese exploration ships had visited Sri Lanka, which is located close to the idea of southwestern India.

China, which has given Colombo a billion-dollar loan, made significant inroads into Sri Lanka at the time of the immigrants.

In actuality, the study send Xiang Yang Hong 3 had intended to stop in Colombo first to refuel before heading to the Island. However, Tharaka Balasuriya, the young foreign secretary of Sri Lanka, claims that has been put on hold for the time being.

He told the BBC,” We want to build our technology and expertise during this one year so that we can participate in these studies actions on an identical basis.”

However, it is believed that Colombo’s determination to halt the study vessels was made in response to Indian vehement opposition to such visits by Chinese warships.

However, in the Maldives, India’s objections have n’t really changed much.

India has long had control over the Island, which are made up of about 1, 200 coastal islands and reefs in the middle of the Indian Ocean. However, Mohamed Muizzu, who assumed office as president in November and is regarded as pro-China, wants to alter that.

He ran a” India Out” campaign in which he urged Delhi to remove about 80 American military officers stationed on the island. Three surveillance and recovery aircraft that Delhi donated years ago are being maintained and operated in the island nation, according to India.

Two times before the country’s political elections, on March 15, the Yemeni government has given Delhi the go-ahead to withdraw its troops. Both nations have started high-level negotiations to resolve the problem.

The first batch will depart by 10 March, and the remaining ones by the second month of May, according to the Malay foreign ministry, which stated after discussions in Delhi last week that India had “agreed to change the defense personnel.”

: A general view of the city during daily life in Male, Maldives on December 05, 2023. Male, is the capital of the Maldives, an island country in the Indian Ocean whose economy is largely based on tourism.

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A geological study contract with India that the previous government had signed to map the seabed in the Maldivian regional waters was also announced by Mr. Muizzu’s administration in December.
In fact, relations have gotten so bad that no senior Yemeni government officials were present at a new celebration of India’s 75th Republic Day held in Male by the Indian High Commission.

China, however, welcomed Mr. Muizzu with open arms when he visited Beijing last month for a five-day state visit. High-level Taiwanese authorities have since traveled to the Maldives. Additionally, Mr. Muizzu has revealed a number of network projects funded by China.

Concerns have been raised in Delhi due to the abrupt change in Male’s attitude toward China, which gives the area country geopolitical importance.

India wants to stop China from gaining access to such a crucial strategic location because of its rapidly growing maritime troops.

Former American foreign minister Shyam Saran told the BBC,” Of program, the Island is very important; they are India’s southern Oceanic side.”

We may have serious concerns about what might occur in the Maldives, only as we did with Sri Lanka, according to Mr. Saran.

Chinese research ship Shi Yan 6 proceeds to deck at a port in Colombo on October 25, 2023

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However, Delhi is not the only one concerned about its connection with Male.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party ( MDP ) and other groups have been pleading with Mr. Muizzu’s administration to change its course, claiming that it would be detrimental to the nation to alienate a sizable neighbor like India. The MDP stated last week that it was also thinking about initiating impeachment proceedings against Mr. Muizzu.

India provides the majority of the Island ‘ food, infrastructure, and scientific advancements despite being a small island nation. For health care, some Maldivians travel to India.

Aik Ahmed Easa, a prosecutor in Man who is associated with the antagonism MDP, told the BBC that the majority of locals believe the government has overstepped its bounds in its animosity toward India.

” The Islands are a tiny nation.” However, he claimed that the Eastern superpower competition is entering a hazardous stage at this point.

Requests for comment were never answered by the Maldivian President’s department or the foreign secretary.

According to experts, China has higher corporate goals and is likely to send more ships to the Indian Ocean area for oceanic research or to safeguard its business interests. The challenge for India will be figuring out how to store Beijing’s expanding forceful influence in a region that Delhi views as its backyard.

According to Mr. Zhou, Chinese aircraft operators and their assistance ships will eventually make it to the Indian Ocean. Beijing will be “furious,” he claims, if India interferes with the refilling of these boats ‘ products in a third nation, such as Sri Lanka.

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