WP, PSP congratulate incoming Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, thank Mr Lee Hsien Loong for service

WP, PSP congratulate incoming Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, thank Mr Lee Hsien Loong for service

SINGAPORE: The Workers Party ( WP ) and Progress Singapore Party ( PSP) on Wednesday ( May 15 ) congratulated Mr Lawrence Wong as he prepares to take over as Singapore’s Prime Minister  from Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

In a statement, WP captain and Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh also acknowledged and thanked Mr Lee for his “long years of public services and leadership”, including his 20 times as Singapore’s next Prime Minister.

” Mr Wong is taking over the management of our country during an age of greater social conflict, with citizens expecting greater clarity, and a greater say in public plans,” said Mr Singh.

” The path ahead for our country is still challenging due to, on one hand, substantial generational shifts on the domestic front, and, on the other, important generational shifts.

A wider range of voices, including those from elected opposition members in parliament, can help us meet these challenges, build up our political stability, and inspire power and appearance of trust in our people and our country. “

Mr. Singh wished Mr. Wong” the very best” in his novel position, noting that the WP may continue to “play our parliamentary position to advance the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans.”

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PSP key Hazel Poa thanked Mr Lee for his services to Singapore as a Prime Minister for 20 years, and welcomed Mr Wong’s management as a “new beginning ” for the region.

“As Singapore enters a new beginning, media alternatives beckon. We extend our warmest thanks to the 4th Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lawrence Wong, and wish him all the best as he arms new duties, ” she said in a speech.

PSP anticipates contributing to our nation-building work by choosing to influence the outcome of social decisions with other parties while echoing his assertions that The Opposition’s appearance in Parliament is here to stay. ”