Woman who reported Ken Lim for sexual comments had harboured ‘some small hope’ of being signed by his record label

Woman who reported Ken Lim for sexual comments had harboured 'some small hope' of being signed by his record label

A woman reported Ken Lim Chih Chiang after his alleged indecent remarks to her after she reported them, according to a court hearing on Thursday ( May 9 ). &nbsp,

On one count of demeaning the woman’s humility, Lim, who was the senior director of the time, is facing a test on July 25, 2012. &nbsp,

In a parking lot near Hype Records ‘ business address, he is accused of saying to her,” Are you a virgin?” and,” What if I have sex with you right now?” between 7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. &nbsp,

The 60-year-old Lim is best known as a judge on Singapore Idol, a expertise competition. He will go through a trial for each victim for each of the seven charges against him full, which include five reported victims. Six works of demeaning humility are included in the allegations. &nbsp, &nbsp,

After reading about the accused’s allegations against other people in newspapers, the 26-year-old person who is currently on trial for the charges against her decided to review what Lim had said to her 11 decades later. &nbsp,

The woman, who is now based abroad, traveled to Singapore on Monday to testify against Lim in court records that were kept to a finished audience and the media. &nbsp,

Due to a joke purchase, she may be identified. &nbsp,

The victim&nbsp had previously met Lim twice, the following day on July 25, 2012, according to the prosecution’s opening statement.

She had never reported him following his reported remarks because, according to the trial, uttering offensive words was against the law. &nbsp,

After many days of sealed- door evidence, the court was opened to the public on Thursday, when the defendant’s husband took the stand. &nbsp,

The gentleman, her boyfriend at the time of the alleged crime, testified that he spoke to the alleged victim in a telephone call after the Jul 25, 2012, meet. &nbsp,

She then told him that Lim had given her a cigar and that she had a sexual relationship with him. According to the person, she had been “quite shocked” about the incident. He also, had been “very shocked” and “upset”, he testified. &nbsp,

The person responded by asking if he had considered filing a police record or had given her advice because he “drawed the series” between verbal and physical functions. &nbsp,

” If she had been actually harmed, I would have told her to make a policeman statement”, he elaborated. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Following that conference, Deputy Public Prosecutor Gail Wong inquired about the defendant’s feelings when she was mentioned to Lim. The woman expressed concern that her husband may recall the alleged incident and grow angry. &nbsp,

The defense therefore cross-examined the person. Wong Partnership’s Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng, Mr. Paul Loy, Mr. Calvin Ong, and Mr. Samuel Navindran are all represented by Lim. &nbsp,

Before the alleged crime, Mr. Loy inquired about his sister’s decision to pursue a singing and songwriting occupation in Singapore. According to Mr. Loy, the girl was working in an international banking company at the time but wanted to pursue a career in music.

The attorney then responded that he had discussed the “financial effects” of the shift with the alleged victim when he inquired about the man’s concerns. &nbsp,

The man said that the two would explain matters initially when asked if he would continue to support his wife at this point. &nbsp,

The alleged victim’s thoughts about the meeting on July 25, 2012 were therefore addressed by Mr. Loy. &nbsp,

He inquired about the witness’s intentions to have her history brand signed. &nbsp, The gentleman replied that she had not been looking to be signed, but for job tips. &nbsp,

Therefore, according to Mr. Loy,” She had informed this jury that she had a slight chance of getting Hype Records ‘ signature.” How do you know for sure that she was n’t looking to be signed at the time?

The person responded that all he said was remembered from the past was true. &nbsp,

Mr. Loy even inquired as to whether the man had been informed that Lim had criticized her music, but he was unable to identify this. &nbsp,

The trial is scheduled to summon the defendant’s father or girlfriend as witnesses for the trial to continue on Friday. &nbsp,